Convergence is the word
Convergence is the word
Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are transforming themselves into businesses that provide a diverse array of services well beyond logistics.

Highway safety starts with the shippers
Curbing road accidents is a marketplace mission, not a bureaucratic one.

What's ahead in '15?
What lies in store for shippers in the coming year? Several trends bear watching—including the latest moves by the nation's largest online retailer.

FedEx acquires Genco in big push to match UPS, DHL in contract logistics
Move affirms FedEx strategy to move beyond transport into other areas of supply chain management.

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The Path to Innovation
The Path to Innovation
Jim Rice, Deputy Director, Supply Chain Exchange, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, discusses the different types of innovation and how companies need to understand which path they should follow.
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Good News for Shippers
Good News for Shippers
As we head in to the Christmas and New Year holidays, Santa has delivered some good news for shippers. The Senate passed the CRomnibus bill after having cleared the House of Representatives and it has been signed into law by President Obama.
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Reverse logistics: Should you centralize or decentralize returns processing?
Reverse logistics: Should you centralize or decentralize returns processing?
Dr. Robert Lee Gordon of American Public University discusses the pros and cons of using centralized or decentralized returns processing centers and looks at future reverse logistics technologies such as drones and customer service robots.

Executing the omnichannel vision
Executing the omnichannel vision
Omnichannel retailing, or using store inventory to fill e-commerce orders, is one of today's hottest trends. Here are two technologies that can help companies operate in this new environment.
What's worse than a triple witching hour?
Challenges ranging from labor shortages to fuel price volatility could create kinks in global supply chains in the coming year. And these are just the threats we're aware of.

Heading for zero
Heading for zero
Ace Hardware worked with its waste and recycling contractor to get one DC to the point where it ships nothing to a landfill. A second DC is close behind. And that's only a part of the hardware cooperative's sustainability efforts.

Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Despite the hype about their user-friendliness, cloud-based warehouse management systems still may require systems integration work.

Lenze Energy Efficient Solution Package for electric drives systems
Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, has created a solution package that helps companies design electric drive systems for material handling equipment that consume less energy.

VisibilitySmart cargo alert system
Software-as-a-service provider CargoSmart Ltd. has created VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers to cargo delays.

Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door
Door manufacturer Rytec Corp. has introduced the Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door for exterior doorways.

The Other Half of your Net Landed Cost of Goods The Other Half of your Net Landed Cost of Goods
The case studies included in this white paper show Eyefreight's flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of shippers with complex distribution scenarios to reduce their net landed cost of goods and positively impact the bottom line.
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Ideal Applications for Cameras in Retail Distribution Centers Ideal Applications for Cameras in Retail Distribution Centers
Download this white paper to learn the points within a retail DC where cameras offer the greatest benefits and maximum ROI.
Presented by: SICK
Introducing the Fulfillment Execution System Introducing the Fulfillment Execution System
Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about this real-time fulfillment execution software model and how it compares to conventional warehouse management systems.
Presented by: Intelligrated