Zoned in
Looking to stay on top of your order fulfillment game? Zone routing offers the benefits of goods-to-person picking at a fraction of the cost.

Canadian Pacific ends merger talks with CSX; urges "immediate action" to reduce congestion
Rail bottlenecks only worsening without quick relief, CP says.

Hot topics at CSCMP
What issues were top of mind at this year's Annual Global Conference? The driver shortage, government regulation, and—need we say it?—omnichannel.

Gin for dinner
As supply chain professionals, we face a multitude of challenges that can make us contemplate ordering Plymouth by the case.

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How CSCMP connects you and the markets
How CSCMP connects you and the markets
Members of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals discuss the enormous benefits they gain from connecting with other executives and advancing their careers through the group's conference and other programs.
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FleetSTATS®: Tracking Costs for Real Savings
FleetSTATS®: Tracking Costs for Real Savings
Crown FleetSTATS® is a simple and efficient fleet maintenance tracking system that accurately captures t
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5 ways to cut warehouse costs
5 ways to cut warehouse costs
Editor at Large James Cooke explains how warehouse and DC managers can reduce costs by applying some often overlooked techniques, including building modeling, shuttle technology, and do-it-yourself motion studies.

How goods-to-person fulfillment is changing the face of distribution How goods-to-person fulfillment is changing the face of distribution
Goods-to-person order fulfillment is one of the hottest trends in distribution. In a goods-to-person picking operation, products are brought to the order picker rather than the person traveling into the aisles to gather the required items. A goods-to-person system can help companies make great leaps in productivity, order accuracy, and inventory tracking while reducing labor costs. Ed Romaine, representing MHI's Automated Storage/Retrieval industry group, will explain how this storage and picking strategy works and why it might be right for you.
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Problem: Turning a hot, dusty warehouse into a cool, clean work environment
At M. Block & Sons' warehouse, high temperatures and humidity were slowing down the Keurig K-Cup packaging process, which requires a temperature-controlled environment. An insulated modular wall system turned the sweltering space into a clean and cool environment. Chris Jones on Best Practices
Welcome to the Customer Facing Supply Chain Steve Geary on the Logistics of Defense
“These are not the droids we’re looking for . . .” Part III. Crossing a red line may not get a military response, but messing with a logistics hub does. Ian Hobkirk on Getting it Right in the Distribution Center
Dimensional Weight Billing for Parcel Shipments – An Action Plan for Minimizing its Toll on Your Costs Kate Lee on Productivity
The logistics and supply chain industries are realizing benefits from social media Kevin Gue: On the Horizon
Just how bad is the labor problem? Two Sides of the Logistics Coin
Overcoming Risk to Realize the Potential of Global Sourcing Michael Terzich on the Value of Visibility
Zebra and Cisco take over the Twittersphere to Chat about #IoT Joe Andraski on Collaboration
"Managing from the Heart Tom Pettit on Exchanging Supply Chain Perspectives
How to improve the health of your medical device supply chain Richard Sharpe on Big Data, Big Deal
The Journey – Understanding The Path Of Adoption Jonathan Byrnes on Supply Chain Finance
How to Turbocharge Your Strategic Account Management Art van Bodegraven: The Art of Art
What Will RFID Be When It Grows Up? Herb Shields on Consumer Goods and the Supply Chain
Comments on Chris Elliott's Logistics Talent article Randy Mullett on Washington
Tax reform presents an opportunity to bolster U.S. middle class jobs Steve Simmerman on Technology
Tragedy Strikes Supply Chain Joe Tillman on The New Generation
The Courage to Read

Some gasoline, diesel transporters step on the (natural) gas
In an ironic twist, a new company will provide natural gas fueling services to bulk haulers of gasoline and diesel fuel.
The biggest reverse logistics operation ever, in pictures
Online photo collection provides a look at the logistics of the U.S. military's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Despite the hype about their user-friendliness, cloud-based warehouse management systems still may require systems integration work.

Lenze Energy Efficient Solution Package for electric drives systems
Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, has created a solution package that helps companies design electric drive systems for material handling equipment that consume less energy.

VisibilitySmart cargo alert system
Software-as-a-service provider CargoSmart Ltd. has created VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers to cargo delays.

Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door
Door manufacturer Rytec Corp. has introduced the Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door for exterior doorways.

Introducing the Fulfillment Execution System Introducing the Fulfillment Execution System
Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about this real-time fulfillment execution software model and how it compares to conventional warehouse management systems.
Presented by: Intelligrated
Teachable Moments: A New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry Teachable Moments: A New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry
In this whitepaper, a top global publisher must change how they operate—and think about—their supply chain due to fluctuating and unpredictable inventory shifts.
Presented by: GENCO
Designing an Automated, Omni-Channel Fulfillment Center: Key Considerations for Multi-Channel Retailers Designing an Automated, Omni-Channel Fulfillment Center: Key Considerations for Multi-Channel Retailers
This white paper addresses some of the areas a retail corporation should consider when evaluating a project to consolidate two or more facilities into a single omni-channel distribution center.
Presented by: Vanderlande