Three ways to extend the life of your forklift batteries
Warehouse personnel can take simple steps today to improve battery life tomorrow.

DHL launches security consulting arm
Supply Chain Security Consultancy Service offers training modules on risk assessment, training and awareness, and security breaches and internal conspiracies.

Survey shows growing gap between consumers and retailers on fast shipping
Temando says e-commerce companies are lagging on services such as hyperlocal delivery, Amazon-prime style memberships, delivery-date estimates, and weekend/afterhours delivery.

U.S. economy can push 3-percent growth next year if retailers cut stores, economist says
Ratajczak says oil won't exceed $70 a barrel for next three years.

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New competitive logistics option for grocers
New competitive logistics option for grocers
Max Pedró, co-founder, president, and COO of Takeoff Technologies, discusses his company's innovative approach to helping small and medium-sized grocers compete in the "age of Amazon." He also discusses Takeoff's new operating partnership with KNAPP.
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Buffalo Trace Distillery Powered by Savanna.NET
Buffalo Trace Distillery Powered by Savanna.NET
Buffalo Trace Distillery's distribution center is run by Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES). Westfalia made sure that they created a system for this company with the perfect amount of throughput and storage.
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Transportation Management: Strategies and Tactics of Top Performers
Transportation Management: Strategies and Tactics of Top Performers
Watch this webinar to learn what shapes the thinking, strategies and tactics of the top transportation management performers.

E-commerce growth drives DC demand in smaller markets
Warehouse rental rates in "secondary" markets like Denver, Detroit, and Portland now exceed prerecession levels, CBRE says.

Guess the song title, win a prize
Correctly identify the song-title reference in our magazine. You'll be entered into a drawing for some coffee to get your morning off to a rocking start. Dispatches
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Do Your Logistics Problems Need a Consultant? Steve Geary on Public Sector Logistics
Tunnel Vision.
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9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste in the Supply Chain Chris Jones on Best Practices
Still Don’t Believe in Premium Pricing? Go Pound Sand Mike Rudolph on the Logistics of Defense
Logistics is invisible, until it isn't . . . Roxana Osuna on Making you a part of US/Mexico Supply Chain
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Why Warehouse Managers Need Android on Their Radars Mike Ward on Barcode Labeling in a Global Supply Chain
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Hiccup Leads to “Uneventful Event” – Without Planning and Effective Management, the Result Could Have Been a Catastrophe Ian Hobkirk on Getting it Right in the Distribution Center
Better Transportation Management: Three Factors that can have a Big Impact Kate Lee on Productivity
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RFID technology is rapidly becoming a staple in the consumer industry Richard Sharpe on Analytics and Big Data
Where Are You “Really” In Taming The Big Data and Analytics Monster? Randy Mullett on Washington
Innovation Revolution in Transportation Requires Regulatory Change Art van Bodegraven: The Art of Art
Mahindra: More Than Tractors; Tata: More Than Cars For China Steve Simmerman on Technology
Skate to where the puck is headed...Seniors and online shopping

UPS to boost purchases of alternative-fuel vehicles by 2020
Move could help cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable fuel use, despite growth in energy-intensive e-commerce deliveries.

National Forklift Safety Day 2017 fulfills its educational mission
Speakers from government, industry, and a staffing and recruitment firm focused on opportunities to improve lift truck safety at the fourth annual Industrial Truck Association event.
Global robot maker brings shipping back in house, with a little help from its (consultant) friends
Global robot maker brings shipping back in house, with a little help from its (consultant) friends
Faced with the need to transfer its shipping process in-house and train its staff on hazmat transport regulations, Omron Adept Technologies got the support it needed from Labelmaster.

Global Potassium Feldspars Market Growth, Trend, Size, Share, Latest Application to 2022
Market Scenario
The Global Potassium Feldspars is expected to witness a significant with healthy CAGR between 2016 and 2022...

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - June 26, 2017 — Dematic, a supplier of intra-logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center has introduced a new Narrow Belt Sorter for low-mid rate sorting and diverting applications...

Caster Concepts' Mammoth Custom Casters designed to tackle extreme challenges
Albion, MI - There's no job too large or too tough for Mammoth Custom Casters (CasterConcepts...

Enhancing Productivity through Safety Enhancing Productivity through Safety
Reduce costs and boost employee performance with a comprehensive lift truck safety program.
Presented by: Yale
Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success
This white paper reviews the costs of injuries associated with overexertion, and explores three ways automated storage systems improve worker ergonomics and productivity.
Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light
Learn five ways to ensure your returns management processes keep customers happy and meet your business needs.
Presented by: FORTE

The right gear for beer
The right gear for beer
Lifting two pallets of heavy beverage cases at a time is no easy feat. That's why KEG1 O'Neal called on Toyota.
Sponsored by Toyota