Trickle-down logistics
Trickle-down logistics
You may not think of the military as a wellspring of logistics innovation. But the Defense Department has a long history of developing (and implementing) cutting-edge tools. Here are just a few examples.

TRB panel criticizes DOT, FHWA for punting on truck size, weight study
Agencies could have done a more thorough job with the data in hand, panel said.

FedEx chief rails against states' efforts to restrict use of independent contractors
At conference, Smith calls for federal pre-emption of state labor laws.

XPO gets offers for Con-way Truckload as $3 billion transaction of parent nears closing
XPO positions Con-way LTL operation as two-tier service provider.

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Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health
See for yourself how a new crossdock facility in Montgomery, N.Y., is designed for healthier, more cost-effective transport of these goods.
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UPS Acquires Coyote Logistics & America's Giant Pothole
UPS Acquires Coyote Logistics & America's Giant Pothole
We recently hosted a great dinner meeting along with NASSTRAC that included Jack Holmes, the President of UPS Freight, and Ray LaHood, the former Secretary of Transportation. They shared some supply chain insights you can't get anywhere else.
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The State of Logistics Report 2015: A Second Look
The State of Logistics Report 2015: A Second Look
"State of Logistics Report" author Rosalyn Wilson discusses the report's findings and takes a deeper look at the trends that will influence buying and selling behavior over the next year. Dispatches
Brad Jacobs: Rock Star What We're Reading This Week
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Breakthrough innovation, courtesy of the military. Part 1: the roots of containerization and intermodal transportation. Ian Hobkirk on Getting it Right in the Distribution Center
WMS, WCS and Shared Decision Making Jon Denn on Organizational Development
The Logistics of Ideas Kate Lee on Productivity
Change management in the supply chain Kevin Gue: On the Horizon
Logistics Automation and Us Talking Talent
Catch and Release – The Talent Challenge Two Sides of the Logistics Coin
Successful Companies Employ Reverse Logistics Juliann Larimer on the Value of Visibility
The Value of Partners in Enterprise Growth Tom Pettit on Exchanging Supply Chain Perspectives
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Addressing Barriers to Success - People Joe Andraski on Collaboration
Collaboration, communication, and trust Jonathan Byrnes on Supply Chain Finance
How to Turbocharge Your Strategic Account Management Randy Mullett on Washington
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Zinn And Tonic Herb Shields on Consumer Goods and the Supply Chain
Comments on Chris Elliott's Logistics Talent article Joe Tillman on The New Generation
Take Charge of Your Career Steve Simmerman on Technology
Amazon Flex - shaking up the workforce

Raymond showcases expansion, career opportunities on National Manufacturing Day
Amid growth in lift truck demand, company focuses on developing more skilled labor, new technology, and manufacturing capacity.
How to avoid a retrofit horror story
How to avoid a retrofit horror story
Integrating new equipment into an existing operation can be a challenging and frustrating endeavor. Here are seven tips for keeping your project from turning into a nightmare.

Lenze Energy Efficient Solution Package for electric drives systems
Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, has created a solution package that helps companies design electric drive systems for material handling equipment that consume less energy.

VisibilitySmart cargo alert system
Software-as-a-service provider CargoSmart Ltd. has created VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers to cargo delays.

Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door
Door manufacturer Rytec Corp. has introduced the Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door for exterior doorways.

VARGO: Dedicated Omnichannel Fulfillment Centers VARGO: Dedicated Omnichannel Fulfillment Centers
Omnichannel fulfillment centers — using one inventory, one engine and one workforce — are transforming how distribution centers will operate. The days of having dedicated distributions is behind us.
Presented by: VARGO
COFE®: Intelligent DC Operations Management COFE®: Intelligent DC Operations Management
The management of the operation in COFE® driven operations is significantly different than in traditional operations.
Presented by: VARGO
VARGO®: Pioneering the Waveless Movement VARGO®: Pioneering the Waveless Movement
For more than a decade, VARGO® has reshaped the industry—providing retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with a true lean order fulfillment solution. Its advanced waveless, or continuous, order fulfillment system processes orders without wave transitions to create a constant flow of work.
Presented by: VARGO

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Receiving on a roll
Receiving on a roll
New mobile carts with integrated power make receiving more efficient at industrial supplier MSC.
Sponsored by Newcastle Systems