Voice 2.0
Voice 2.0
It's not just for picking anymore. Voice technology has evolved into a performance management and process optimization tool.

BSM Technologies and Webtech Wireless announce merger
$65 million company will offer telematics for rail and trucking fleets.

For UPS, Coyote purchase is all about smoothing out the network wrinkles
$1.8 billion deal will help UPS reduce network variability through better use of brokerage technology, resources. At least that's the plan.

Transport déjà vu beckons as EC launches in-depth probe of FedEx-TNT deal
Shades of UPS-TNT ruling? Commission concerned about insufficient competitive buffers to combined entity.

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Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health
See for yourself how a new crossdock facility in Montgomery, N.Y., is designed for healthier, more cost-effective transport of these goods.
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Shippers: You’re in a Seller's Market, But There’s Hope [Quick Tips]
Shippers: You’re in a Seller's Market, But There’s Hope [Quick Tips]
One thing that’s important to do in this seller's market is for RFP’s and sourcing events to look at some fundamental questions that the carriers are going to be asking you.
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Small data, big impact: Lift truck telemetry
Small data, big impact: Lift truck telemetry
Steven LaFevers of Yale Materials Handling Corp. and David Maloney of DC Velocity discuss the advantages of optimizing fleet size and labor with small data insights and their value in the overall productivity equation.

Senate passes six-year transport funding plan with new freight, multimodal initiatives
Bill tables release of CSA trucker-safety scores for nearly two years pending analysis of program; Senate also approves three-month extension of current law.

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TMS is driving forward
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Dip please, do not swipe!

A "New Era" in distribution
A "New Era" in distribution
When it landed a contract with the National Football League, New Era Cap knew it would need a major DC overhaul. What it didn't know was that it would have just six months to do it.

Lenze Energy Efficient Solution Package for electric drives systems
Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, has created a solution package that helps companies design electric drive systems for material handling equipment that consume less energy.

VisibilitySmart cargo alert system
Software-as-a-service provider CargoSmart Ltd. has created VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers to cargo delays.

Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door
Door manufacturer Rytec Corp. has introduced the Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door for exterior doorways.

Obtaining the Right Mix of Rugged and Consumer Mobility Obtaining the Right Mix of Rugged and Consumer Mobility
Read this white paperand find out, as we explore the results of a 2015 Supply Chain Services research study of the DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly readerships about the future of rugged and consumer-grade mobile computers.
Presented by: Supply Chain Services
The Impact of Customization on Materials Handling Success The Impact of Customization on Materials Handling Success
This white paper outlines significant challenges facing businesses today and discusses how they can be addressed through more effective materials handling processes and equipment.
Presented by: Hyster
Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Services, 2015 report Gartner's Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Services, 2015 report
Read how Green Mountain Technology is creating innovative technology and solutions in the supply chain.
Presented by: Green Mountain Technology