Paper or plastic? (or maybe metal)
Wood pallets still reign supreme, but they're not right for every application. Here's a look at some alternatives.

Agile hires senior editor at DC Velocity; promotes long-time staffer at Supply Chain Quarterly
Ames, experienced editor, joins DCV; Lacefield promoted to senior editor at SCQ.

The implications of going global
U.S. industry cannot become complacent and just ride the wave of globalization, warns speaker at the National Defense Industrial Association's National Logistics Forum.

IT, IT everywhere, but few people around to service it, MHI-Deloitte survey concludes
Lack of qualified labor to manage sophisticated systems may hamper IT innovation, survey finds.

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The Path to Innovation
The Path to Innovation
Jim Rice, Deputy Director, Supply Chain Exchange, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, discusses the different types of innovation and how companies need to understand which path they should follow.
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I’m concerned about your career, are you?
I’m concerned about your career, are you?
We're taking a time-out from our usual transportation industry and supply chain updates to remind you to invest in your career. We have some great career development and training tips for you in this video and resources for you at
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Avoid the Sudden Jump in Shipping Costs
Avoid the Sudden Jump in Shipping Costs
In this webinar, Sealed Air discusses consumer packaging preferences for E-Commerce as well as the implications of manufacturers and retailers in areas such as brand perception and customer loyalty.

21st Century Distribution Management  - A New Way to Monitor Work and People 21st Century Distribution Management - A New Way to Monitor Work and People
Join us on April 9th at 2:00 pm EST as Manhattan's Peter Schnorbach unveils the findings of an exciting new study, "UNbound: A study on mobility and the modern distribution manager." Key findings focus on how mobile are DC managers today? And could they become more effective if given better mobile tools to manage people and work? The answers may surprise you.
Sponsored by Manhattan Associates

A time for outsourcing reflection
A recent survey indicated outsourcing customers were not totally satisfied with their logistics service providers. But the fault doesn't rest solely with the LSPs. Dispatches
UPS’ Fork in the B2C Road Chris Jones on Best Practices
Using Supply Chain Information to Create a Closed-Loop Customer Experience Steve Geary on the Logistics of Defense
Really improving logistics for boots on the ground Ian Hobkirk on Getting it Right in the Distribution Center
Cycle Counting, An Alternative to the Annual Physical Inventory in the Distribution Center Kate Lee on Productivity
Stuck? Here’s how to consistently come up with killer blog posts ideas Kevin Gue: On the Horizon
Logistics Automation and Us Talking Talent
Catch and Release – The Talent Challenge Two Sides of the Logistics Coin
3D Printing and the Next Big Shift in the Global Supply Chain Network Juliann Larimer on the Value of Visibility
The Next Generation of Sports Technology Tom Pettit on Exchanging Supply Chain Perspectives
How to improve the health of your medical device supply chain Richard Sharpe on Analytics and Big Data
“Who’s” on First, “What’s” on Second, “I Don’t Know’s” on Third Joe Andraski on Collaboration
How to Turbocharge Your Strategic Account Management Randy Mullett on Washington
Tax reform presents an opportunity to bolster U.S. middle class jobs Art van Bodegraven: The Art of Art
Clean Air Goes Beyond The EPA Herb Shields on Consumer Goods and the Supply Chain
Comments on Chris Elliott's Logistics Talent article Joe Tillman on The New Generation
The Courage to Read Steve Simmerman on Technology
80,000 Jobs - Blending People, Process & Technology

LEED or follow?
LEED or follow?
While there are advantages to becoming certified for your environmental efforts, you can still reap the same benefits without the official stamp of approval.

Almost ready for takeoff?
Hydrogen fuel cells have been touted as the next big thing in powering electric lift trucks, yet for many reasons adoption rates remain low. Here's why.
Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Cloud-based WMS: how friendly?
Despite the hype about their user-friendliness, cloud-based warehouse management systems still may require systems integration work.

Lenze Energy Efficient Solution Package for electric drives systems
Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, has created a solution package that helps companies design electric drive systems for material handling equipment that consume less energy.

VisibilitySmart cargo alert system
Software-as-a-service provider CargoSmart Ltd. has created VisibilitySmart, a new visibility solution that alerts shippers and logistics service providers to cargo delays.

Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door
Door manufacturer Rytec Corp. has introduced the Powerhouse SD industrial, roll-up rubber door for exterior doorways.

2015 WMS RFP Template 2015 WMS RFP Template
Get your 2015 WMS RFP Template today and started on seeing a positive return on your investments in 2015 and beyond!
Presented by: HighJump Software
The Waveless Warehouse: Why Wave Picking Might Not Be the Best for Your Distribution Center The Waveless Warehouse: Why Wave Picking Might Not Be the Best for Your Distribution Center
If your DC is beset by the tighter order priorities common to multichannel fulfillment, then it may be time to learn more about waveless picking.
Presented by: viastore systems, Inc.
How DIM pricing affects the DC How DIM pricing affects the DC
As operations introduce various strategies to cope with DIM pricing, they must account for the capabilities of automated systems in order to avoid issues that derail fulfillment.
Presented by: Intelligrated