Table of Contents: November 2006

securing America's ports
Everyone agrees on the need to boost port security. But there's little consensus on what level of security to aim for and how to attain it.
pool time?
Leasing pallets through a pooling system isn't for everyone, but rising disposal costs and landfill restrictions are prompting more companies to jump into the pool.
where the rubber hits the road: interview with Bob Brescia
Whether it's a dusty battlefield in Kuwait, a gleaming North American DC or Michelin Tires' corporate offices, Bob Brescia says that when the rubber hits the road, logistics operations are pretty much the same.
Uncle Sam's looking for a few good bids
The Defense Department is looking to outsource the management of its domestic freight—a contract that could run into the billions of dollars. The program is intended to cut costs and boost service; it could also shake up the industry.
who's in charge here?
For years, the standard answer (in the DC, at least) was the warehouse management system. But nowadays, the answer is more and more likely to be a warehouse control system.
into the West
China offers lavish incentives to lure foreign investors to its lessdeveloped hinterland. But as some of the takers have discovered, life on the frontier has its perils.

Basic Training: the migratory supply chain
A new term has begun to creep into the lexicon: the migratory supply chain. But despite the similarity in their names, these supply chains have little in common with whooping cranes or monarch butterflies.
Big Picture: low probability, high cost
Given the millions of containers that flow in international commerce and the varying financial abilities, not to say willingness, of foreign ports or shippers to invest in any technology that doesn't offer business benefits, the container security issue won't be an easy one to resolve.
Fastlane: the perfect storm's dark aftermath
Though truckers may have taken the initial hit, shippers are proving to be the long-term casualties of the "perfect storm" that rocked the industry a few years back.
Labor Pool: raise your profile
If your career is to benefit from all your achievements, you have to make sure the right people take note. But short of hiring a publicist, how do you get their attention?
Outbound: lest we forget
As has become a tradition in our November issue, we devote this space this month to the many things for which we are thankful. This year, allow me to start by offering a heartfelt "Thank You" to you, yes you, the readers and sponsors of DC VELOCITY.
Rfidwatch: RFID dodges bullet in California
In late September, the federal government announced the completion of one of its biggest RFID initiatives to date, when it revealed that 69 facilities at 19 Department of Defense distribution centers had been outfitted with RFID readers.
Rfidwatch: item-level tagging on the rise
It appears that item-level tagging is about to explode.
Special Handling: what's it really worth?
Companies have little trouble justifying investments in equipment used to make goods—it's understood that machine tools, assembly equipment and the like are necessary to create wealth. But when it comes to material handling equipment, it's a different story.
Sunday night lights
There's no word yet on how players feel about having the glare of the spotlights on their every miscue and fumble.
a virtual container yard?
Looks like there's some relief in store for drivers tired of battling congestion on the roads in and around the Port of New York and New Jersey.
they've been workin' (safely) on the railroads
Despite unprecedented freight volumes and an influx of new workers, the U.
united they stand
After years of collaborating so closely that they almost functioned as one company, they've decided to make it official.
we would like to thank the academy ...
For the third year in a row, <i>DC VELOCITY</i> has been recognized by Graphic Design USA magazine with an American Graphic Design Award for excellence in communication and graphic design.
on board after all
With the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's rulemaking on electronic on-board recording (EOBR) devices due this month, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released a report on the trucking industry's experience using on-board recorders.
contractor says Defense DCs are now RFID-ready
RFID technology is on the march within the Department of Defense (DOD).
higher, faster ... cheaper: Nike hopes to improve service by consolidating distribution operations
Footwear maker Nike is betting that it can boost its performance by consolidating U.
ports ask: "Where's the money?"
The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) lost no time in commending Congress for passing the Security and Accountability for Every (SAFE) Port Act of 2006.
Wal-Mart DCs may go green: retailer tests fuel-cell powered forklifts
When it comes to exploring new technologies, Wal-Mart isn't stopping with RFID.
Schwarzenegger terminates container fee bill
Importers can breathe a sigh of relief.
new DOT head confirmed
The Department of Transportation is headless no more.

Continuing Education

the fundamental thing is this ...
Sometimes you just want to learn the fundamentals; sometimes you want a little more.
Texas two-step
For those looking for a crash course in warehousing, the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) offers a two-step program this winter.