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What to look for in a freight rating system
What to look for in a freight rating system
Freight-rating software has become an indispensable tool for shippers and 3PLs in a capacity-constrained world. But choosing the right system is more than just a matter of price.
JDA upgrades transportation software
Platform now offers flexibility for omnichannel fulfillment jobs.
Where's the payback in software?
The pitch is that supply chain software will slash costs and take performance to new levels. But our exclusive survey finds that nearly half of software users have not gotten the expected return on their investment.
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Mobile technology makes weigh-station bypass easier, faster
Drivers can get notifications anywhere on mobile phones, tablets, and electronic on-board recorders.
Three things you should know about big data and analytics
The terms "big data" and "analytics" are widely used but often are not clearly defined. The explanations presented here will help managers understand what these concepts really mean and how they can use them to improve their supply chains.
Llamasoft acquires IBM's supply chain application suite
Move creates powerful provider in cloud-based supply chain services.
Pilot shows "augmented reality" could benefit warehouse operations
In tests at a Dutch warehouse, order pickers outfitted with smart glasses outperformed peers by 25 percent.
JDA launches "control tower" software tool to help companies manage supply chain disruptions
Software to balance quick reaction to crises, maintenance of strategic objectives.
Inventory counting on the go
Want to make cycle counting faster and more efficient? Mobile technology could be the answer.
Labor management software in the age of omnichannel retail
The omnichannel revolution has ushered in sweeping changes for DCs and the people who work in them. It's also changing how retailers use performance-tracking systems.

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