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LaVoie, founder of ArrowStream, dies of injuries suffered in July shooting
Executive had been shot by disgruntled co-worker.
Who's using YMS and why (or why not)
Despite demonstrated benefits, yard management systems haven't seen widespread adoption—particularly among smaller companies. A recent DCV survey offers some clues as to why.
Bobcat excavates productivity, inventory improvements
The construction equipment company makes heavy-duty gains in lift truck driver productivity and inventory accuracy with the help of some new technologies.
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Make software learning easy for the work force
Computerized training systems designed specifically for warehouse and logistics applications can make mastering the software easier.
Omnitracs to buy XRS for $178 million; deal combines truck fleet management technology providers
XRS board gives unanimous approval, deal expected to close in the fourth quarter
NFL, Zebra kick off player tracking technology
System will place RFID tags in players' shoulder pads to track individual performance.
TMS or 3PL?
Before hiring a 3PL to manage your freight, consider whether you can do it yourself using transportation management software.
It was 20 years ago today...
Aug.11 marks the 20th anniversary of the first online transaction. Much has changed in the ensuing two decades.
Voice: a perfect fit for omnichannel distribution
We talked to the industry's top voice system providers to see how voice aligns with the new retail distribution realities.
Want better workplace collaboration? Use social media
Is your team taking too long to solve problems or complete projects? Social media tools might speed up the process.

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