Table of Contents: April 2013

The man behind the billions and billions served: interview with José Armario
Every day, McDonald's serves nearly 68 million people at 33,000 restaurants around the world. It's José Armario's job to see that those outlets have all the food, packaging, and "premiums" they need.
Connecting the dots Connecting the dots
It's doubtful regional parcel players can build a national network the likes of FedEx's and UPS's. But there are other ways to skin the parcel cat.
Know your integrator Know your integrator
Picking the right systems integrator for the job requires checking alliances, references, and résumés. Here are some tips on what to look for.
Keeping its head above water Keeping its head above water
The Port of Long Beach isn't short on challenges or competitors. But its resources and location are formidable, and it's going on the offensive.
How to reduce pallet damage How to reduce pallet damage
The cost of pallet damage can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive steps you can take to minimize the problem.
Are smartphones and tablets ready for prime time (in the DC)? Are smartphones and tablets ready for prime time (in the DC)?
Their low price point has some companies considering adopting consumer mobile devices for use in the DC. But it's not clear these devices are quite up to the task yet.
Industry wants you Industry wants you
While salaries across much of the economy remain stagnant, supply chain and logistics professionals are seeing steady growth in pay. The reason: Skilled professionals are in high demand.

Techwatch: Defend your DC network
Advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks are on the rise, and supply chain and distribution networks are a frequent target. So how can you protect yourself?
Big Picture: Milestones
The supply chain management profession has evolved in some remarkable ways over the past 25 years. Supply chain professionals now have a seat at the executive table, and top performers are in great demand.
Basic Training: The myth of THE supply chain
It's easy conversational shorthand, but talking about the supply chain as some sort of singular entity does a disservice to the profession.
Fastlane: The continuing saga of HOS
Not since the days of transportation regulation have we seen a case of governmental crisis creation on a par with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's handling of the truck driver hours-of-service (HOS) controversy.
Outbound: For defense logisticians, sequestration means time and casualties
As hard as the spending cuts will be in the defense logistics business, think of the impact they'll have on those in uniform.
Could robots take over loading and receiving docks?
Advances in technology are making it possible for robots to load and unload trailers and containers.
More shippers decide to be their own transportation brokers
As an alternative to hiring brokers, some shippers are setting up their own in-house services.
DCV-TV launches enhanced upload for viewer-contributed content
New functionality makes uploading videos to DC VELOCITY's DCV-TV website easier than ever.
"Asset Tracking 101" graphic cites reasons to know where your assets are
A new infographic created by Wasp Barcode Technologies quantifies the cost of failure to track assets.
Industrial Truck Association upgrades its website
Redesigned website provides information for manufacturers, dealers, and users of industrial trucks.
ASU launches online master's in SCM and engineering
New Arizona State University program encourages students to apply business and industrial engineering perspectives to solve supply chain problems.
WTS International announces winners of 2013 achievement awards
Association for the professional advancement of women in transportation to present awards in five categories at conference in Philadelphia.
Logistics gives back to the community
Here's our monthly roundup of charitable works by members of the logistics and material handling community.
Shipper group says reciprocal switching proposal could save rail users up to $1.2 billion a year
NITL unveils study that supports bid to revamp rail-switching rules.
The end of inventory
Fewer goods will be in warehouses and DCs than ever. Are we in perma-lean mode?
Firm launches trailer-repositioning program to match 3PLs, intermodal marketers with available equipment
Capacity Connection Inc. aims to curb equipment costs, open intermodal to smaller providers.
YRC Freight unveils network restructuring plan
Teamsters balk at proposed March 20 discussion date; no meetings seen until May at the earliest, union dissident group says.
Intelligrated acquires voice company Datria
Datria to be integrated into company's Knighted software unit.
Home Depot to build two distribution centers to expand online fulfillment network
DCs in Atlanta, Los Angeles suburbs to support fast-growing web business