Table of Contents: January 2007

are you experienced?
That used to be the first question buyers asked a potential supplier. But in the brash young RFID technology market, it no longer seems to matter.
managing by the numbers
At the Container Store's DC, there's no need for bosses to ride herd over work crews. Performance scores displayed on a giant electronic scoreboard let workers pace themselves throughout the day.
work together, or hang separately
John Gentle is on a mission. NITL's executive of the year wants to persuade shippers that the rules have changed in the trucking business and that shippers who don't get the message are looking for trouble.
adding a little to the top
It's not often that a hair-care professional proposes to add a little to the top. But for hair salon chain Regis Corporation, that's precisely what it took to avert a DC space crunch.
could there be a better man for this job? interview with Bill Graves
It's hard to imagine someone more qualified to take the wheel of the American Trucking Associations than a career politician who grew up in the family trucking business. In other words, someone exactly like Bill Graves.

Basic Training: evolution at work
The differences between "procurement" and "purchasing" can be significant.
Big Picture: look homeward, manufacturers
U.S. manufacturing is not going anywhere and will remain a critical part of our economy.
Outbound: maybe freight doesn't vote, but motorists do
New evidence suggests that the American public, which has never hesitated to use the ballot box to voice its displeasure, may have finally lost patience with road congestion.
Fastlane: help wanted!
Although not as widely publicized as the truck driver shortage, the warehouse and DC business has been facing an ongoing labor crunch of its own.
Rfidwatch: pharmaceutical market tunes in to UHF
Ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID could be just what the doctor ordered for the pharmaceutical industry.
D-Day for supply chains
If you've been looking for something to kick start that long overdue corporate supply chain review, a new report from Capgemini might be just the ticket.
e-file now and avoid the rush
It appears that truckers have decided test drives aren't just for vehicles.
the high cost of turnover
It appears that for the want of a truck driver, an awful lot of money's being lost.
two out of three companies surveyed ...
If you've simplified your business by outsourcing some supply chain tasks, you're in good company.
bracing for a bumpy ride: supply chain execs see both challenges and opportunities in 2007
Consumers may be growing skittish, but logistics and supply chain executives are feeling pretty good about the U.
DOT urges states to join fight against road congestion
When it comes to battling traffic congestion, the U.
read the manual! Survey shows DCs miss out on many WMS features
Just as consumers often fail to take advantage of the more advanced features of their cell phones or digital video recorders, so it appears that DCs are missing out on features of their warehousing software.
shipper champion Bill Augello dies
In the years following trucking deregulation, a crisis arose for shippers.

Continuing Education

head of the class
Considering going back to school for an executive MBA? First, you have to decide where you want to go.
after the holidays, think lean
What better time than the start of a new year to embark on a program of cutting logistics costs and trimming space requirements? From Jan.
aisle do it your way
Back when warehouses served largely as storage bunkers, DC layouts didn't require a lot of creativity.
a little Volunteer work
Interested in becoming a Volunteer for a few days? The University of Tennessee has opened up registration for its 2007 supply chain management and logistics courses.