Table of Contents: August 2006

the shaky state of logistics

RFID gives Ford an Edge
An RFID-based yard management system will help Ford keep up with demand for its hot new hybrid SUVs.
power up!
Can't decide whether to invest in a battery exchange system or fast-charge technology? The good news is now you can have it both ways.
coming soon to a store near you?
An innovative new tracking technology may not be able to match RFID's blazing-fast scanning speeds, but it does promise to transform the retail shopping experience.
a little bit of this, a little bit of that
Programming advances may soon allow you to borrow bits and pieces of different systems to develop a custom supply chain application, all at a modest cost.
what have you done for me lately?
You no longer have to rely on your workers for that information. Today's sophisticated software can tell you everything you want to know about your staffers' productivity.
the man for the mission: interview with Paul Brinkley
Changing the business practices at the U.S. Department of Defense means more than saving money. DOD leaders believe it's a matter of life and death. And they think Paul Brinkley is just the man for the job.

Basic Training: whatever happened to visibility?
Supply chain visibility was all the rage at one time. Why has the furor died down?
Big Picture: creaky and cranky at 50
The loss of consensus epitomized by the thousands of earmarks in last year's highway bill may be one of the greatest obstacles to addressing the nation's infrastructure challenge.
Fastlane: beyond the numbers
Every year, the logistics world awaits the release of the annual State of Logistics Report with great anticipation. But for all the analysis and insights, what everybody really wants to know is the latest total.
Labor Pool: live and in person!
Congratulations! You got the call you've been waiting for and you've scheduled an inperson interview.
Outbound: Hey, Noah! Could you throw us a lifeline?
Just last month, Merriam-Webster released the 2006 edition of its dictionary, which features a number of new entries. Notably absent was a comprehensive definition of a very important term: "supply chain."
Rfidwatch: RFID chips flying high?
The skies might actually become a little friendlier in the future.
Rfidwatch: playing the waiting game
Are RFID tag prices too rich for your blood? It looks like all you'll have to do is wait.
not your problem?
Think high driver turnover is mainly a concern for truckers? Shippers are most likely paying the price as well.
let there be (green) light!
No one likes waiting around for traffic lights to change, least of all truck drivers.
lawmaker slams diversionary tactics
Add Steven LaTourette to the list of people who consider hazmat rail routing to be a matter for national, not local, authorities.
how do you say "big" in Chinese?
Manufacturing is booming in China, and massive seaport expansion projects are under way.
QC conveys its thanks
As part of its 25th anniversary celebration, QC Industries has announced a contest to find the best use of its low-profile conveyors.
expand and conquer
After dipping to $9 billion in 2001, the worldwide market for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions continues to rebound.
they let their (sticky) fingers do the walking
If the growing threat from organized crime weren't enough, retailers are now seeing a rise in a new, Internet-enabled brand of theft: e-fencing.
the shaky state of logistics
It may not be time to dial up the bomb squad just yet, but the logistics profession might want to keep that phone number handy.
U.S. Senate gets a read on RFID
In hopes of debunking myths about RFID and dispelling concerns about privacy, two U.
train wreck could fuel hazmat debate
If the railroads were hoping the furor over hazmat rail shipments might die down over the summer, those hopes were dashed last month.
going global? not so fast ...
<img src="/articles/20060801/images/goingglobal_graph.

Continuing Education

actually, it is rocket science
As anyone familiar with SOLE-The International Society of Logistics might expect, the group's 2006 International Logistics Conference and Exhibition will have a heavy defense orientation.
don't delay!
If you're looking to learn more about benchmarking DC performance, now's your chance.
the main difference is the accents
Logistics professionals looking to learn more about supply chain processes will have two opportunities next month: one here and one abroad.
double your pleasure
Even if you only have a week to spare for educational endeavors next month, you can still fit in two courses.