Table of Contents: June 2011

Fighting back
As fuel prices rise and truck capacity shrinks, shippers face the battle of their professional lives. They won't go down easily.
What you need to know about dock safety What you need to know about dock safety
The typical loading dock is a dangerous place, with people and heavy machinery moving around in tight quarters. Here are some things you can do to keep accidents at bay.
The ins and outs of visibility The ins and outs of visibility
One company wanted to track the precise location of every item in its DC. Another wanted a way to monitor assets scattered throughout the continent. The answer for both: a sophisticated visibility system.
A new way to train leaders: interview with Lt. Gen. Claude Christianson A new way to train leaders: interview with Lt. Gen. Claude Christianson
Rewarding officers for toeing the line throughout their early careers is no way to develop the creative thinkers needed to fill the military's most senior positions. Lt. Gen. Claude Christianson aims to change that.
So near and yet so far So near and yet so far
Shifting production to Latin America sounds like a can't-miss for companies looking to boost speed to market. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds.
Built to last Built to last
Building a company that will prosper in the long term isn't just about cutting fuel consumption and saving energy, says Dale Rogers. It's also about ethics, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Basic Training: Temporary relief
The business of logistics and supply chain execution will continue to be variable, seasonal, and unpredictable. That means temporary staffing will likely be part of the pictures for some time to come.
Big Picture: Tied up in traffic? Call your congressman
The biggest threat to the nation's roads and bridges right now isn't heavy trucks or severe weather. It's gridlock in Washington.
Fastlane: The 17,000-pound solution
Years of underinvestment have taken their toll on the nation's roads and bridges, and the load will continue to grow. Raising the weight limit on trucks could ease the pressure.
Outbound: 100 issues later, the question remains the same: Are you up to SPEED?
The premise on which DC VELOCITY was founded remains just as relevant today as it was in January 2003.
Techwatch: Three technologies that will change the logistics game
What technologies will have the biggest impact on logistics and supply chain management? Mobile computing, analytics software, and social media, say the experts.
Mitsubishi delivers radiation-shielded forklifts in Japan
Specially designed trucks will help remove contaminated rubble at crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
Chinese lift-truck maker to make aggressive play for U.S. market
LiuGong Machinery Corp. says backing of powerful corporate parent separates it from the rest of the pack.
Bill would create more safe parking for truck drivers
Named for a driver murdered during a federally mandated rest stop, Jason's Law would alleviate a nationwide shortage of safe parking areas.
Trucker adopts innovative driver screening technique
C.R. England says hair sample analyses will detect drug use among job applicants and lead to a safer driver pool.
Not just another song and dance routine...
At RedShift 2011, dancers, acrobats, and a lot of rubber balls provided a kinetic demonstration of the challenges of supply chain management.
Motor carrier contracting made easy?
New handbook includes templates well as actual contract clause language.
Pallets made from hemp? Far out, man
Which pallets are the greenest? Australian company says its hemp pallets smoke the competition.
UT calls in some heavy hitters
Newly appointed advisory board includes supply chain leaders from some of America's best-known companies.
Reading, writing, 'rithmetic, and ... robotics?
Second graders receive introduction to robotics at Intelligrated's new lab.
Truck demand accelerates
Pickup in activity fuels concerns about U.S. capacity crunch.
UPS places multi-year order for intermodal containers
Move could dramatically change the dynamics of shipping in the United States.
YRC chief, analysts spar over meaning of YRC's Q1 results
Carrier says numbers indicate positive momentum; analysts say trucker's financial situation remains dire.
FedEx: We're faster than UPS on some ground lanes
FedEx Corp. claims it provides faster delivery than UPS on nearly one-fourth of U.S. ground parcel lanes.
Undaunted, Boone Pickens continues to stump for natural gas, wind energy
Oil tycoon says time is now to move forward with plan.
Is USPS playing with fire?
Postal service to throw open first-class parcel business to market forces.
Analyst calls further diversion of import cargo to East Coast ports "unlikely"
For most shippers, savings won't offset longer transit times, intermodal expert contends.
Double-digit gains seen for 3PLs in 2011
Armstrong predicts gross revenues will exceed $141 billion.