Table of Contents: May 2011

Nice work if you can get it
DCV's readers say their work is varied and satisfying. And with the average salary comfortably in the six figures, it's rewarding too.
Much ado about nada? Much ado about nada?
The dispute over Mexican truckers' access to U.S. markets is close to resolution. The industry's response: A collective shrug.
Think before you attach Think before you attach
Lift truck attachments make specialized product handling more efficient and drivers more productive. But there's a lot to consider before you go out and buy one.
The toughest job on the planet? interview with Stephen Cahill The toughest job on the planet? interview with Stephen Cahill
If something goes amiss with one of your shipments, you might have an irate customer on your hands. If one of Stephen Cahill's World Food Programme shipments goes awry, people could die.
"Go West" into China ... carefully "Go West" into China ... carefully
Companies that are considering moving production into China's interior must weigh the trade-offs of lower costs against the impact on their supply chains.
See it now, and save See it now, and save
Supply chain visibility isn't just about improving customer service. It can also save you a lot of money.

Basic Training: Hold that wrecking ball!
Our tendency is to raze old buildings and build something new and state of the art on the site. But with warehouses and DCs, that could be a costly and unnecessary move.
Techwatch: To get the best deal on software, create uncertainty
Looking for a software bargain? The trick is to make the vendor nervous, one expert says.
Fastlane: Hell hath no fury like an LSP scorned
Thinking of switching logistics service providers so you can work with someone you know? Be prepared for trouble.
Big Picture: The logistics of feeding the hungry
As a major international freight shipper, the World Food Programme basically does what other distribution managers do every day—except with pirates.
Outbound: Will you be an employer of choice?
The competition for the best and the brightest workers is about to heat up. Does your company have what it takes to attract (and keep) top talent?
ProMat 2011 a big draw for foreign buyers
Exhibitors report surge in visitors from Brazil and other parts of Latin America.
Conference to offer practical advice for agriculture shippers
It's not easy being an agriculture exporter these days.
Driver wanted: QC, IT experience a plus
It's no longer enough to drive the truck and deliver a load. Truck drivers these days are responsible for everything from data collection to quality control.
Lift trucks a sci-fi buff would love
The line between lift trucks and robots is quickly blurring, if these futuristic products are any indication.
Storage systems that roll with the punches
Pallet racks and mezzanines designed to withstand moderate temblors are available for use in seismic areas.
Good data gets its own award
U.S. Army honors 16 shippers for the quality of their shipping data.
ProMat visitors see ALAN in action
American Logistics Aid Network coordinates disaster relief project right on the ProMat show floor.
"End of the Line" not top-of-the-line
1987 film has a freight-related theme, a star-studded cast ... and a plot that's full of holes.
Aerotropolis concept finally gets off the ground
Thanks to a recently published book, the idea of an airport-centered city is getting play outside the freight community.
Holland to hire 1,000 drivers in 2011
Hirings will expand YRC unit's workforce by 15 percent.
TZA brings money-back guarantees into the DC space
New outsourcing arrangement with Focus Products Group includes performance guarantees.
Illinois court panel rules against C.H. Robinson in "vicarious liability" case
Company says it will "pursue legal recourse through all available means."
FedEx to ramp up capital spending
Transport giant will pursue expansion opportunities in non-U.S. markets, CFO says.
Critical road investments in doubt
Former head of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says he doubts Congress will agree on a new highway bill anytime soon.
Costs, regulation weigh on trucking chiefs
Panelists at NASSTRAC conference cite proposed changes to driver hours of service rule as a top concern.
Shippers, brokers dodge a bullet
Agreement between truck groups, FMCSA takes onus off shippers, freight brokers to interpret CSA carrier safety data.
Mexican truckers seen ready to roll on U.S. roadways
A Mexican transportation attorney said that a recent accord to throw open the U.S. cross-border market to Mexican truckers will result in a significant number of his country's motor carriers entering U.S. commerce.