Table of Contents: March 2006

plotting your next move
There's no one right way to go about choosing a site for your next DC. But there's definitely a wrong way.
hold the chips!
Think RFID chips are the obvious solution for tracking two million items without labor-intensive scanning? Think again.
the road less traveled: interview with Bill Hutchinson
While the other young go-getters were clawing their way to the top in the world of finance, Bill Hutchinson saw a wide-open opportunity in the unglamorous yet game-changing world of logistics.
the skinny on lean
The prophets of lean turned the manufacturing world on its ear. Now they want to do the same for distribution—with just a roll of masking tape and a stopwatch.
beware the traps!
Even the best-designed distribution systems may harbor traps that rob them of their highest performance potential. Here's how to find—and avoid—those velocity traps.
sea change for TMS?
Tomorrow's TMS may look very different from today's. For one thing, it's likely to be global.
easy pickings
Filling orders from an inventory of 69,000 parts sounds anything but simple. Yet the folks at Future Electronics' new DC insist their workers could do it with their eyes closed.

Basic Training: new name, old game
If reverse logistics were simply a matter of easing the pain in the retail and wholesale sectors, it would be challenge enough. But there's a lot more to reverse logistics today.
Big Picture: "rewriting" the process
In a lean distribution operation, the men and women working in the warehouse seek out the waste in everything they do, eliminate it, and then do it again.
Fastlane: the lean, mean supply chain machine
Until recently, "lean" principles have mostly been applied to manufacturing processes. Only a handful of companies have applied the concept to their supply chains.
Labor Pool: you'd get a degree but ...
Though we've all heard about college dropouts who have earned mega-millions, they're the exception, not the rule. Many of the best things in life take time, and education is one of them.
Outbound: won't you help?
The mark of a successful logistics operation—one that gets the stuff where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, damage free and at a good price—is that nobody notices.
Rfidwatch: meeting of the minds
What do you get when you put 100 or so of the world's leading educators and RFID users in a room for two days? A pretty good glimpse of the burgeoning technology's future.
Rfidwatch: RFID goes to college
RFID appears to be catching on in the college classroom.
Chinese 3PLs brace for competition
China's economy continues to grow at a 9-percent clip, and everyone wants in on the action.
California to take a toll on truckers?
Hasta la vista, traffic jams? In a bid to relieve highway congestion, California Gov.
Mexico express
Ballads have been written about the streets of Laredo, but not its rails.
what would Alan do?
Retailers are pinning their hopes on an unlikely source this year: the Fed.
Singapore's king ... for now
Reports released in late January show that Singapore surpassed Hong Kong to become the world's busiest container port in 2005.
a solution to the aid crisis?
Last year's succession of natural disasters, from the Indian Ocean tsunami to the hurricanes that battered the U.
are ports ready for the storm?
Right now, all the "congestometers" point to low.
ports make waves in Washington
In an annual event that has become as predictable as the tides, the nation's ports have raised an outcry about funding.
on your MARC, get set, buy!
Flush with venture capital, RedPrairie Corp.
OH Logistics looks ready to shop
All signs indicate that Ozburn-Hessey Logistics is about to embark on a shopping spree of its own.
what's in a name?
In this case, many fewer words! To the relief of trade journalists worldwide, the company formerly known as the Distribution and Industry Group of Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems (try using that in a headline!) has adopted a new name: Dematic.
Xbox 360 marks the spot
If you scored one of the first Xbox 360s to hit the market on Tuesday, Nov.

Continuing Education

classes are now in session ...
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is well known for its annual conference and local roundtables.
the gathering of the Waters
"Strategies for Supply Chain Transformation" is the topic of Penn State University's 16th annual R.