March 23, 2011

Big Ass Fans adds rugged Yellow Jacket to product line

Company boasts that the fan is "smashingly durable."

By DC Velocity Staff

In a video demonstrating its new fan, an engineer for Big Ass Fans knocks the fan over, hits it with a forklift, takes a sledge hammer to it, and pushes it down some stairs. Each time, he plugs it in and turns the fan on. It works.

The intent of the video is to show just how rugged the new Yellow Jacket fan is. The company boasts that the fan is "smashingly durable" and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

The new portable product is a departure for Big Ass Fans, best known for its large commercial ceiling fans for use in distribution centers and other large commercial facilities. The company says the fan was in development for five years.

Housed in a heavy-gauge steel carriage, the fan offers quiet operation, oversized wheels, multiple speeds, a locking mechanism to control direction of air flow, and low energy use. The fan, which can also be wall mounted, can be employed for such uses as cooling pick aisles.

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