March 19, 2014

Yale, using Seegrid technology, offers vision-guided tow tractor

By DC Velocity Staff

Yale Materials Handling Company introduced the availability of vision-guided technology for its MO50T tow tractor at the Modex 2014 show in Atlanta this week. It is the first product developed by Yale in conjunction with Seegrid, a manufacturer of automated guided vehicles.

Yale says the technology is easy to implement in existing warehouse operations. It allows the tow tractor to operate as a manually operated vehicle or an AGV. It requires no infrastructure for navigation such as wires, laser targets, or magnetic tapes, the companies say. An operator trains the vehicle by driving the desired route and programming selected behaviors. The vision system, called Guided by Seegrid, captures images of the surrounding environment to create a map for route navigation. It can store up to 25 miles of routes.

Also added to the Yale fleet offerings at Modex: a new three-wheel sit down electric series, the ERP025-030VC. Designed with a narrow width and tight turning radius, it allows operators to maneuver in constricted areas and congested loading docks. It is available in two models: 2,500-pound capacity with a 55-inch turning radius, and 3,500 pounds, with a turning radius of 57.2 inches. They are both 39.2 inches wide. Both are powered by AC rear-wheel drive motors.

The trucks feature a single steer tire, drum brakes, and a manual parking brake. The masts on the ERP-VC models feature a variable lap design to improve mast rigidity and forward visibility through decreased channel stack width.

Yale also introduces a new heavy-duty pallet truck to its lineup. The MPB045-VG walkie increases efficiency and productivity through operator comfort and other features, the company says.

It is available with Yale's Smart Lift technology, which can reduce cycle times by up to 25 percent, the company says. That technology allows an operator to begin moving a pallet before it is at full lift. The truck can also be equipped with Yale's Smart Slow Down technology, which reduces speed during cornering.

To improve operator comfort, the truck's control handle provides improved ergonomics for driver comfort and efficiency.

The truck is also designed with an easily removable cover for ease of maintenance.

Yale also introduced its new iSi Technology, a common control system integrated across Yale's warehouse lift truck products. The company explains that the technology offers a common onboard display panel, allowing easy adjustments and access to diagnostics. The technology includes both a standard and extended-shift functionality. That allows operators to balance battery run time and truck productivity, providing four operator-adjustable performance modes. The iSi Technology also can be integrated with the Yale Vision wireless asset management system.

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