White Paper: Achieving World Class Logistics Through Cross-Border Capabilities

Achieving World Class Logistics Through Cross-Border Capabilities
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August 2018

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For more than a generation, China was the destination of choice for offshore supply chains. The reasons made sense. An abundant and low-cost labor pool, cheap oil, and production costs generally less expensive than those found in the U.S., encouraged many manufacturers to relocate industrial operations overseas. Additionally, trade routes to and from Asia were many and reliable, albeit no faster than the speed of a freighter or container ship crossing the Pacific Ocean. Yet, rising wages and real estate costs in China, increases in oil prices, the delays inherent to transpacific shipping, and even shutdowns and logjams at U.S. seaports, forced some manufacturers to look elsewhere.

In this report, you'll learn why companies are making a move to nearshoring operations in Mexico, challenges companies face in the industry today when it comes to cross-border logistics, and solutions to overcome the disruption and achieve a world class logistics operation.

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