January 22, 2009

Economic Rx?

By DC Velocity Staff

Looking for ways through the current economic malaise? One source for ideas could be Manhattan Associates' "Supply Chain Prescription for Recovery," an online resource suggesting broad themes on how companies ought to approach the downturn. The goal, says Frederick Brown, Vice President of North American Solutions Consulting for Manhattan, is to provide "remedies" for problems in inventory, transportation, sustainability, and other areas. (The prescriptions can be found at www.manh.com/rx.)

Manhattan has also expanded its SCOPE (Supply Chain Optimization - Planning through Execution) suite of integrated supply chain software tools. It has added what it calls its Extended Enterprise Management X-Suite, which is designed to connect users with trading partners and customers to provide visibility and event management capabilities. Its Total Cost-to-Serve Supply Chain Platform application provides reports and analysis of the financial supply chain and helps companies make sourcing, routing, and fulfillment decisions based on the total cost of serving each customer. The new release also includes an updated version of Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence, which the company says provides at-a-glance insights into supply chain performance.