March 18, 2014

New spiral from Ambaflex reaches new heights

By DC Velocity Staff

Spiral conveyors have long been a perfect technology for raising and lowering cartons and totes. But until now, systems have not offered the capability for products to enter and exit at various points along the spiral. The new SpiralVeyor ML from Ambaflex provides this ability to merge and divert. The "ML" in the product name stands for multilevel, and indeed the conveyor functions like a spiral ramp in multilevel parking garage, allowing cars to access to all levels.

The conveyor system uses photo eyes to read gaps between boxes to determine when new products can merge into the spiral. Similarly, when a small string of cartons needs to exit, a blade moves across the spiral path to gently divert them onto an adjoining conveyor. The diverts and infeeds can be positioned in all directions between 90- and 45-degree positions. The ML design can be applied on all belt widths of Ambaflex's SpiralVeyor products.

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