February 6, 2012

Top-VOX rolls out wireless telephony technology for warehouses

By DC Velocity Staff

Voice technology specialist top-VOX Corp. today introduced a "wireless telephony" product for warehouse and distribution center applications. The new offering, which was unveiled at MODEX 2012 in Atlanta, allows warehouse workers to communicate directly with their supervisors during the picking process instead of stopping their work to communicate via traditional cellphones.

The product, which takes the form of a headset worn by a lift-truck operator, will allow for two-way communication while the driver is picking, according to Marceline Absil, vice president, marketing and sales for Barrington, Ill.-based top-VOX.

Absil said the functionality is especially useful if, for example, there is a discrepancy in inventory or in the event of a spill that causes breakage. Both scenarios would traditionally require an operator to stop the picking process to either call his supervisor or abandon his vehicle to tell the supervisor in person.

The technology enables the picking process to continue while the matter at issue is resolved, she said.

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