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Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success

When it comes to warehouse and distribution employees, more organizations are deploying ergonomically designed automation systems. These ergonomic solutions help workers complete picking and order fulfillment tasks while simultaneously eliminating the risk of injury. In addition to enhancing safety, the devices can boost productivity and reduce a variety of costs – positioning both workers and companies for operational success.

This white paper reviews the costs of injuries associated with overexertion, and explores three ways automated storage systems improve worker ergonomics and productivity. It also shares an overview of two different operations that implemented such a system and their results.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: September 2016
Kardex Remstar

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Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light

Consumers want their goods ordered online and delivered quickly, and they expect an easy way to return items. That's causing a great disturbance in the Force of traditional distribution operations. Any delay in getting their money back prevents consumers from spending it again — and retailers want this money to be re-spent with them. With return rates as high as 50 percent, businesses need to avoid additional costs to handle products customers return to the distribution center. In our new white paper, "Returns: The Dark Side of E-commerce. And How to Find the Light," learn five ways to ensure your returns management processes keep customers happy and meet your business needs.

Presented by: FORTE
Date: August 2016

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Warehouse Management System Business Case Development Warehouse Management System Business Case Development

Developing a Business Case for WMS - Get your project approved and lead a successful implementation

Whether seeking cost savings or efficiency gains, you run a better chance of a successful WMS implementation if all the benefits are identified upfront and leadership’s expectations are proactively managed.

Download this white paper now to explore how a successful WMS implementation can provide a rapid return on investment through streamlining compliance, efficiency, shipping and accuracy in your warehouse. You’ll learn about:

  • Why invest in a WMS
  • WMS value drivers
  • Justifying the purchase of a WMS through tangible benefits
  • Other considerations around project management and change management
  • And, much more!

Presented by: HighJump Software
Date: May 2016
HighJump Software

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How do you cope with the supply and demand at exactly the right moment? How do you cope with the supply and demand at exactly the right moment?

E-commerce has really taken off in the parts & components sector. The industry is changing rapidly and the rate of change is only going to accelerate. That leads to significant challenges with regards to the design of distribution centers. It is more important than ever before to unite efficiency in the order-picking process with speed and quality. Process mechanization and automation in the distribution center is inevitable. But what is the best approach?

Presented by: Vanderlande
Date: April 2016

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24 Ways to Extend Voice in the Warehouse 24 Ways to Extend Voice in the Warehouse

Vocollect solutions are attractive because payback is typically 9-12 months and mobile workers appreciate being equipped to succeed in their job, boosting worker retention.

Perhaps you are considering Voice to streamline order fulfillment tasks. Why not further leverage this investment and see how Voice could affect productivity across other workflows such as cycle-counting and replenishment?

Find out about the many performance benefits of Voice and extend the power of Vocollect to optimize your warehouse operations.

Presented by: Vitech
Date: April 2016

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Connecting Islands of Automation Connecting Islands of Automation

Through customer examples, this white paper will examine how AS/RS solutions function within a connected fulfillment process. More specifically, learn how solutions enable:

  • Rapid processing and picking of next-day shipments, while still being able to closely monitor and add to shipments while they are in progress.
  • Coordinating picking with host WMS or ERP systems so that picking from AS/RS can be consolidated with manually picked items from other zones.
  • Integration with order requirements from host ERP or WMS systems to support batch or zone picking.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: April 2016
Kardex Remstar

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The Grass Is Greener The Grass Is Greener

When epic sales growth flooded production, Excel Industries needed a facilities review and supply chain revision. Excel has recognized a 37 percent production growth during the transition, consolidated multiple DCs and moved to a superior freight market using Wagner transportation.

Presented by: Wagner Logistics
Date: April 2016
Wagner Logistics

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