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Material Handling July 12, 2018

VARGO® announces updates to WES

DUBLIN, Ohio (July 12, 2018) — VARGO®, a leading provider of material-handling systems integration, warehouse execution software and equipment solutions for major fulfillment and distribution centers, has announced updates to its COFE® warehouse execution system software and COFE®View, VARGO®'s business intelligence and reporting and management platform.

The updates will maximize its customers' user experience and guarantee continued efficiency and accuracy in data reporting.

"With these updates, we want to continue to make our customers' user experience a top priority and ensure that COFE® and COFE®View, the application tool that allows customers to access information from COFE®, are driving the highest level of accuracy and efficiency in their facilities," said Michael McSweeny, director of software development at VARGO®.

"At VARGO®, we are constantly looking at technology upgrades to see how we can incorporate the latest user functions into our technology in order to increase efficiencies and provide superior results for our customers," said Bart Cera, COO and CFO at VARGO®.
The reiteration of COFE® — COFE® 3.0 — will include several updates:

•Upgrades to the technology stack code and the operating system to take advantages of changes in the hardware systems of customers
•Increased efficiencies
•Better use of server hardware
•Easier administrative functions for end users

Previously accessible from a computer with a wired connection, the new browser/mobile-based COFE® View will now be accessible on mobile devices, allowing users to access COFE® View's reporting and management tools from anywhere inside a distribution center, as well as outside the facility from any device that has access to a browser with sufficient credentials to access such information.

"Our customers are going to be able to access data from multiple platforms — at their desks, on their mobile
devices, even at home. The new COFE®View interactive and engaging approach to how it delivers data is easy to use and visually appealing," McSweeny said.

"The graphical format of the data will show in a snapshot just how things are moving through a distribution center and will allow managers to make real-time decisions."


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