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Material Handling April 9, 2018

ELOprotect™ Automatic Safety System for VNA Lift Trucks Debuts in U.S. Material Handling Market

German safety technology company ELOKON features system at MODEX exhibition

Atlanta, GA, and Tornesch, Germany, April 10, 2018 —

ELOKON, a European leader in lift truck safety solutions, made its U.S. debut yesterday at the MODEX 2018 material handling trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Exhibiting in booth B1762, the company featured several industrial truck safety technologies, including ELOprotect™, a mobile personnel protection system designed specifically for lift trucks operating in very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses.

ELOKON is also delivering a seminar at the MODEX show titled "Applying Innovations in Advanced Driver Assistance-Systems to Material Handling" on Wednesday, April 11, at 10:30 a.m. in Theater "I".

ELOprotect, which won a German Industry Award in 2017, is an automatic, self-activating collision-avoidance system designed to prevent pedestrian-vehicle and vehicle-vehicle accidents in VNA warehouses. Tested and approved by government safety agencies, the system uses intelligent laser scanning technology to monitor the distance between industrial trucks and surrounding objects.

If ELOprotect detects a person or object in an unsafe area around a VNA lift truck, it automatically slows the vehicle down, and can, if desired, bring the vehicle to a complete stop. At the same time, the system generates acoustic and visual warnings to both the pedestrian and the vehicle driver.

To avoid false alarms, ELOprotect activates automatically when a VNA lift truck enters an aisle, and deactivates automatically when the truck travels outside the aisle.

The latest version of ELOprotect incorporates advanced vehicle-to-vehicle anti-collision technology, enabling more than one lift truck to operate in the same aisle at the same time. The system also offers many options, including automatic end-of-aisle slowing and stopping, dynamic speed-sensing zones, a lift-height limiter, and a low-temperature package for cold storage applications.

For more information on ELOKON's suite of industrial truck safety solutions, or to set up a meeting with the company, please contact Christine Heydorn at


With over 30 years of experience and a team of more than 130 professionals designing and deploying industrial safety systems, ELOKON is a global leader in forklift-forklift and forklift-pedestrian anti-collision technology. Our driver-assistance safety systems for warehouse trucks automatically monitor the distance between vehicles and objects, adapt vehicle speed, avoid collisions, and prevent injuries and damage.

Although our focus is safety—avoiding hazards and preventing accidents—we design our solutions to complement a vehicle's normal work routine with minimal disruption. Through vehicle integration and accident avoidance, our technologies deliver high operator acceptance, lower equipment downtime, and greater productivity.

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