April 4, 2016

Presto Lifts rolls out powered pallet trucks

By DC Velocity Staff

Presto Lifts has rolled out two versions of powered pallet trucks in a move that will round its product line of powered equipment, company executives said today at the biennial Modex show in Atlanta.

One of the powered trucks has capacity of 4,500 pounds, and the other has capacity of 3,000 pounds, according to Norton, Mass.-based Presto Lifts. Powered lifts are considered easier and more convenient to use than hand pallet trucks, and are more economical than ride-on devices. They are also seen as essential to supporting the demands of an aging workforce that might struggle with hand pallet trucks.

Presto Lifts also introduced a spring-coiled feature that adjusts the loads to a comfortable ergonomic height. It uses heavy duty coils and shock absorbers to adjust the loads.

For more information, see the Presto Lifts website.

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