March 17, 2014

UltraSert-Plus automatically prints and inserts personalized shipping documents, promotional material

By DC Velocity Staff

Integrator and material handling system provider Integrated Systems Design (ISD) released a new version of its manifest document printer and inserter today at the Modex trade show. The new version, the UltraSert-Plus, can print personalized documents, fold them, and insert them automatically into shipping cartons.

As an order moves along a conveyor toward the printer and inserter, the system scans the carton's bar code. It then prints the documents associated with that order, folds them, and inserts them into the box. Every order is scan-verified to assure the right documentation is being matched with the order.

The system can be used to print manifests, bills, labels, instructions, coupons, and promotional offers that are personalized to the individual order.

The UltraSert System starts at $28,865, plus installation.

The UltraSert-Plus is covered under ISD's new guarantee program. The program guarantees the performance, implementation timetable, and/or cost of any material handling system design and implementation by ISD.

If ISD fails to meet the agreed-upon metric beyond a certain variance, the company will provide a certain amount of money back if ISD is unable to remedy the situation. "It provides ease of mind," said Ed Romaine, ISD's chief marketing officer.

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