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Transportation March 13, 2017

Transport Pro Customers Can Send Apex® Invoices With One Click

NASHVILLE, TN—Transport Pro, a cloud-based transportation management company, announced recently that they have collaborated with Apex Capital Corp to provide a solution
that can save trucking companies hours of work each day. Now, Transport Pro subscribers who use Apex Capital as their factoring company can send a pre-designed, polished cover sheet along with necessary paperwork directly to Apex in one, simple step.

This feature ensures that Apex receives all of the information needed in the required format, so trucking companies can receive their payments in a timely manner, allocate more time to other daily responsibilities and focus on customer service.

As the invoices are selected and prepared for transfer, Transport Pro auto-calculates the total amount, significantly reducing human error. Then, with one click, the system sends the invoices, proof of delivery documents, and a cover sheet to Apex, and places a digital signature on the cover sheet.

Using this tool in Transport Pro saves trucking companies time and resources. Only Transport Pro subscribers who use Apex as their factoring company are able to take advantage of this service.

Transport Pro will be attending the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) March 23-25 in Louisville, KY. Stop by booth #67125 to see how Transport Pro can help.

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