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Supply Chain Management October 12, 2017

AIMMS Announces Global Product Launch: New Configurable Supply Chain Apps that Self Enable SC Teamsl

October 12, 2017, Haarlem, the Netherlands - AIMMS, an award-winning vendor of prescriptive analytics (mathematical optimization) software, today announced the release of AIMMS SC Navigator, a suite of supply chain Apps created specifically for the needs of supply chain teams without a data science or analytics background. AIMMS has been a trusted vendor of prescriptive analytics software for nearly 3 decades. The company's software powers custom optimization Apps at some of the world's leading companies, including Shell, Johnson & Johnson, GE and Heineken. AIMMS SC Navigator is the next step in the evolution of supply chain technology, making the power of advanced analytics accessible to everyone through a collection of easy to use, configurable Apps that leverage a common data set to tackle diverse problems and important decisions.

Digital business has created more velocity and uncertainty for the supply chain. Amidst these chaotic demands are the ongoing challenges that supply chain executives have always faced. Unresolved issues. Obscured opportunities. Technology compromises. Skills scarcity. Insufficient tools. Disconnected information. AIMMS SC Navigator helps today's busy supply chain executive tame the chaos and drive innovation using an integrated toolset that taps into a common source of data so they can get answers quickly, not in days or weeks.

The AIMMS SC Navigator suite provides insights for network design, S&OP and helps teams leverage supply chain data.

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