Table of Contents: July 2014

The Rainmakers
For our 2014 Rainmakers, success isn't just about fame and fortune. It's also about making a contribution to the logistics field and advancing the profession.
Sorry, wrong number(s) Sorry, wrong number(s)
When their shipments are rejected for faulty labeling, suppliers often blame print quality or label placement. But the cause is just as likely to be incorrect data.
The most vulnerable place in your DC The most vulnerable place in your DC
Security threats abound in the supply chain. But having the right dock equipment can greatly reduce the risk at your facility.
The big retrograde The big retrograde
The Pentagon is in the midst of the largest reverse logistics operation in history—the return of enormous amounts of military equipment and goods from Afghanistan.
How Diageo reduced risk in Asia How Diageo reduced risk in Asia
By tailoring its supply chain strategy for specific product segments, the global beverage company reduced the risk of disruption to its growing Asian business. In the process, it gained a competitive advantage in this vast and variable market.

Problem Solved: Problem: Finding a better way to store and retrieve raw materials
Outdated, undersized racks were creating problems for a General Mills production plant. New flow and pushback racking changed all that.
Techwatch: Wanted: Data scientists to work on logistics projects
If logistics managers want to conduct a "big data" analysis of their supply chains, they're going to need assistance.
Big Picture: Getting security right
Some 70 business organizations have urged Congress to repeal the 100-percent scanning requirement for maritime containers bound for the United States. Congress should do so.
Basic Training: We are the champions!
What defines a champion? Hint: It's not about winning each and every time.
Fastlane: One last attempt
Despite a string of failed legal challenges to the new freight broker bond requirement, one trade group just won't back down.
Outbound: The Reign of Ferro
A new rule, and the judicial blowback, is the latest chapter in a tenure that will not soon be forgotten.
Information-quality initiative aims to improve visibility of ocean shipments
E-commerce platform INTTRA seeks to improve the data ocean carriers provide to customers; collaboration with GS1 US will address data exchange standards.
What shippers want from 3PLs
How can 3PLs boost their chances of scoring a buyer's business? According to a recent survey, it's a matter of treating potential clients with respect, coming up with innovative solutions, and offering a good price.
Denver's PalletFest to feature creative reuses of wooden pallets
Unique event will focus on "upcycling" of the ubiquitous wooden platforms.
Supply Chain Quarterly editor publishes new book on supply chain dynamics
Protean Supply Chains: Ten Dynamics of Supply and Demand Alignment, by James A. Cooke, argues that supply chains must be capable of changing shape in response to a volatile global business environment.
High temperatures put conveyor design to the test
Ensuring the reliability of conveyors in tough conditions requires special designs and materials.
Supply chain professional makes history on "Jeopardy"
Julia Collins, who has a master's degree in logistics and supply chain management from MIT, won 20 consecutive games on the TV show "Jeopardy."
ALAN seeks partners for supply chain disaster simulations
Following successful events in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., the American Logistics Aid Network is looking to host similar training sessions nationwide.
Material handling, logistics companies give back to their communities
Here are some of the good deeds and charitable work we've heard about in the past month.
In tapping Abney as CEO, UPS moves to shake up U.S. network
Elevation of master operator signals domestic operations are in for makeover.
Uber-like mobile technology finds a home in the trucking business
Cargomatic launches "find-a-driver" service in southern California.
"State of Logistics Report" predicts bullish freight demand for 2014
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' 25th annual "State of Logistics Report," sponsored by Penske Logistics, is overflowing with data points.
Dimensional pricing could add $550 million annually for UPS, FedEx
If one analyst is right, moves by UPS Inc. and FedEx Corp. to begin pricing some ground packages based on their dimensions rather than on their weight will yield more than half a billion dollars in additional annual revenue for the two companies.