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Material Handling August 21, 2019

Vertical carousel,Automated storage and retrieval system--KWconveyors
Vertical carousel from KW are compact units that make use of the unused overhead space of the plant or warehouse, and become live storage of product. Products can be put on trays or hang from bars, which are affixed to chains/drives to be able to progress and lower.

Vertical carousels could be built extremely high to complement the accessible overhead space inside a facility. Multiple units can be put in pods whereby an operator can retrieve products in one unit while other units are moving. Variants include width, height, load, speed, and control system.

Vertical carousel storage could be outfitted with assorted control systems based on your need: simple up/lower control push buttons, keypad automatic retrieval station or computer control utilizing either simple spreadsheet or database inventory control.
Typical manufacturing applications:
Spare parts storage
Cooling of parts
Storage of dies
Storage of documents
Typical warehouse applications:
Storage of numerous products for order picking
Instantly retrieve documents and extract them
Typical retail vertical carousel storage system applications:
Carpet and flooring storage and retrieval
Wire and cable storage and retrieval
Clothing storage and retrieval
Storage and Recycling of Milk Powder
Storage and Recycling of Food

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