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DC Network Design December 1, 2008

Infor SCM Network Design

Strategic network modeling is the process of modeling the entire supply chain to evaluate redesign options to optimize for costs, revenue, and service. Infor has released an updated version of Infor SCM Network Design, a supply chain modeling solution used by manufacturers, distributors, transporters, and retailers. This new release responds to increased supply chain costs and the need to implement more carbon-efficient networks.

Infor SCM Network Design provides advanced modeling capabilities that incorporate relevant costs, facilities, and transport modes to help companies make strategic decisions that maximize efficiencies based on criteria most important to the organization. In the latest release, Infor SCM Network Design incorporates sustainability criteria, enabling companies to factor carbon emissions related to nodes (such as plants, warehouses, and stores) and transport modes (including rail, air, trucking, and ocean freight). This enables organizations to take the first steps in greening their supply chain by first calculating the carbon emissions generated from their supply chain network and then fine-tuning it to reduce emissions while also achieving cost and service objectives.

Infor SCM Network Design helps companies make efficient supply chain infrastructure choices, such as the size, location, and number of plants and distribution centers. For manufacturers, it can evaluate which products should be manufactured at each location and in what quantities. Distributors can use Infor SCM Network Design to determine where to stock products and what combination of national and local distribution centers is most efficient. Third-party logistics service providers can evaluate their transportation modes to determine optimal sourcing and replenishment strategies for their customers.

In each example, Infor SCM Network Design can create "what-if" models that allow the organization to balance customer service, costs, and carbon emissions to create the most effective mix according to its strategic plan.

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