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January 9, 2018

DSV Chooses to Partner with SSI SCHAEFER to bring Large-Scale E-commerce Fulfillment Capabilities


CHARLOTTE, NC - January 9, 2018 - SSI SCHAEFER is breaking ground on an e-commerce warehouse fulfillment redesign in Brampton, Ontario for DSV, a global 3PL provider. DSV Solutions business division in Canada chose SSI SCHAEFER to create an automated solution that supports the logistical needs of its various clients; with the primary driving force behind this particular facility upgrade being its health and beauty business segment. The redesigned facility will increase capabilities for DSV and provide room for future growth.

Due to the existing nature of the DSV e-commerce customer experience in Canada—where additional value added services (VAS) are added to online orders—DSV Canada was looking for a solution that seamlessly automates this critical additional step in the process. SSI SCHAEFER was able to provide a solution, which increases accuracy and efficiency, and better utilizes storage space.

SSI SCHAEFER has a proven track record of innovation, as well as software technology that sets them apart from the competition. For DSV, SSI SCHAEFER is providing the SSI Carrier®, a pocket sorter solution that uses a minimal footprint, a fleet of Weasel® AGVs, and the WMS (warehouse management system) IT solution—WAMAS®.

"The number one reason we were drawn to the SSI Carrier solution is the skillset that SSI SCHAEFER provides for DSV. The quantifiable data and solutions presented were far beyond the competition," said Rob Chanona, Managing Director for Solutions at DSV.

DSV saw the benefit of the SSI Carrier pocket conveyor—a highly dynamic pocket sorter that enables DSV to add sales collateral to each order. Combined with the highly efficient AGV WEASEL®, an auto-guided transport system and the WAMAS WMS, DSV Canada increases selection efficiency by batch picking for all of their clients. Using Weasels instead of conveyors also minimizes obstructions, increases flexibility, and reduces walking distances.

"The combination of batch picking, Weasel AGV transport, and a pocket carrier with sortation is a highly flexible fulfilment engine enabling DSV to grow," stated Saif Sabti, managing director of sales and operations for the SSI SCHAEFER Canadian location. "This particular project was perfect for the SSI Carrier, which provides efficient, but random multi-order zone batch picking. In addition, the SSI Carrier allows for a fully sequenced and consolidated order exit. These features enable the additional value added promotions, which was key for DSV to service their clients. As DSV increases their client list, SSI SCHAEFER can accommodate for growth," continued Sabti.

The upgrade to the DSV facility in Brampton will serve all clients who distribute in Canada.

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