January 22, 2009

Green charging

By DC Velocity Staff

For those seeking to make their operations greener and more productive, Oorja Protonics believes it has a unique product for lift truck operations. Its OorjaPac is an on-board battery charger powered by a methanol fuel cell. At ProMat 2009, the company introduced its new Model H OorjaPac, which has a lower profile than the original Model SAE. The OorjaPac continually powers the battery, including while the truck is in operation. The company says the charger, which mounts on top of the battery, eliminates the need for battery swapping or for fast charging. Sanjiv Malhotra, president and CEO of the company, says the return on investment for the product is between seven and 15 months. He says because the OorjaPac eliminates the need to tap into the power grid, it reduces its carbon footprint by 65 percent. The product is available for Class I and III lift trucks operating at 24, 36, or 48 volts.