April 4, 2016

Mercurygate launches MercuryProcure, allowing shippers to negotiate bids with carriers

By DC Velocity Staff

MercuryGate International Inc., a provider of transportation management solution (TMS) platforms based in Cary, N.C., has launched MercuryProcure, a software tool to help shippers and 3PLs negotiate long-term contracts with carriers. Compared to taking months to agree on bids when shippers use simple spreadsheets to compare prices and lanes, the product allows users to make quick changes in business relationships and keep up with dynamic market changes, the company said. Users subscribe to MercuryProcure with a monthly subscription, then use it standalone or integrate it with a TMS installation so they can leverage the power of carrier rating, report on carrier performance, and use real-time shipment data to project accurate costs as they make transportation purchasing decisions for all transportation modes.

For more information, see the MercuryGate website.

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