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Supply Chain Optimization Software August 1, 2008

HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite 10.0

HighJump Software has released HighJump Supply Chain Advantage suite 10.0. The new release combines extended functionality in the HighJump product suite and a high level of adaptability to help clients better manage material flows throughout their operations and expedite upgrades. The new version also has expanded support for international operations, reflecting increasing globalization. HighJump Supply Chain Advantage 10.0 includes numerous advances across the supply chain suite. The flagship HighJump Warehouse Advantage system now includes a warehouse wizard to support a user-friendly, streamlined approach to warehouse setup. The system is fully internationalized and includes translations in nine languages, including Japanese. To support optimized outbound fulfillment processes, load and wave planning tools were enhanced and utilize a new Web-based user interface.

HighJump Software's service-oriented architecture now provides more features that allow clients to optimize and modify supply chain business processes without changing underlying product source code and affecting their ability to perform fast upgrades. HighJump Software's supply chain process modeling tool, Advantage Architect, features broader revision tracking and the addition of an enterprise application repository. HighJump Software's Web-based, common user interface framework, WebWise, also provides a more user-friendly experience and allows product screens to be run on handheld computers and cellphones.

A new, comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing the billing process, HighJump Billing Management, enables logistics service providers to support the complex contractual requirements that often exist with their clients. With this product release, billing can be based on material handling transactions, storage capacity utilization, and client-specific billing requirements.

HighJump Software

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