Ergonomic Equipment March 21, 2011

Ergonomic handle design for improved NuStar Power Pusher

Ergonomic handle design for improved NuStar Power Pusher

NuStar, Inc. introduces a new handle and improvements to its Super Power Pusher pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher. The Super Power Pusher is a significantly more powerful version of NuStar's standard Power Pusher. It has the same ability to push, pull and maneuver virtually any heavy industrial load on wheels and uses its own modular range of attachments.

The Super Power Pusher is designed to allow one person to move wheeled loads weighing up to 150,000 pounds up a 5 percent grade without forklifts or other more expensive ride-on equipment. It increases productivity by reducing the number of employees needed to move heavy objects. It also creates a safer work environment by reducing the risk of injury and by keeping the load under control. Additionally, the pushers are less expensive and easier to store than forklifts or tractors, plus operators do not need a license.

The Super Power Pusher has variable speed with soft touch control. It has automatic braking and is anti-runaway. The fully programmable control system lets users set acceleration/deceleration limits. The transaxle design allows the unit to operate smoothly on uneven surfaces, indoors or out. The new ergonomically-designed, standard equipment handle encircles the hands for greater protection. This helps protect the operator when maneuvering a load or turning corners. The new handle has fingertip speed control and a built-in belly kill switch. Switching from forward to reverse and back again is also safer and easier. This new handle makes the Super Power Pusher smoother, safer and easier to operate.

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