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Material Handling October 1, 2018

How Conveyor and Sortation Systems Are Changing

Conveyor and Sortation Systems E-commerce is rising rapidly, causing a great need for updated conveyor and sortation technology. Conveyor and sortation systems are developing and advancing swiftly to keep up with this constantly growing demand. These systems are now handling packages of all shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. Learn how this industry and its conveyor and sortation systems are changing to stay up-to-date with the current requirements.

Older Systems Are Being Updated
Before the rise of e-commerce, conveyor and sortation systems only had to manage a few different package and carton sizes. Today, there is a much wider variety of things being picked, packed, and shipped. These systems must now be more adaptable and scalable, which means the technology is being updated in such a way that it can be easily re-configured when necessary. In addition, the systems are being modernized in a way that makes them easily installed, maintained, and modified.

New Systems Are Being Created
While some older systems are receiving updates, others are being replaced altogether. Zone skipping systems are a newer addition to this industry that allows parcels to be sorted down to smaller sets of destinations before they're sent to the parcel carrier. Goods-to-man systems are becoming more accepted in many applications - not just large systems for large users - and are now incorporated with conveyor and sortation systems to provide optimal performance.

New Software is Emerging
To keep up with the constantly increasing volume of orders due to the growth of e-commerce, warehouse execution system (WES) software has become a necessary component. With its in-depth ability to manage equipment processes and drive labor efficiency, WES is keeping orders organized as it coordinates automation and material flow.

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