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July 12, 2018

CFI Improves Overall Compensation Package for Experienced Drivers and Independent Contractors

Company's long-haul truckload drivers get immediate pay increase of up to $0.03 per mile; progression to top scale accelerated; productivity and per diem programs complement compensation package

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JOPLIN, MO - July 12, 2018 -- CFI, a leading North American full-truckload carrier and subsidiary of TFI International Inc. (TSX: TFII, OTCQX: TFIFF), today announced a mileage pay increase for experienced over-the-road (OTR) long-haul drivers, as well as additional enhancements to its overall compensation package for professional company drivers and independent contractors.

Effective July 22, 2018, current company OTR drivers will receive a per-mile pay increase of between $0.01 and $0.03. The increase for which a driver qualifies is based on accumulated career driving miles with the company.

CFI is also accelerating the time it takes for a driver to reach top mileage pay, condensing the previous steps in mileage attainment and enabling drivers to reach higher pay levels faster.

Independent contractors are included with a $0.03 cent per mile increase.

"It is time to reward our professional drivers for their dedication and superior performance," said Greg Orr, CFI's president. "By collaborating with our customers, we increased network efficiency to provide record productivity for our drivers to run more miles."

"We're pleased to share the success with our drivers - this includes pay, amenities, support programs and benefits that demonstrate our driver-first culture." Orr continued, "We believe the overall package and work environment we offer makes CFI the best choice for experienced professionals, as well as those looking to start a career in trucking."

Orr noted that CFI recently added its first-ever CFI Per Diem Program, in response to tax law changes for 2018. The program enables drivers to pay a low fee for CFI to administer the per diem program as part of the payroll process, which enables drivers to maximize potential tax savings from on-the-road meal deductions and keep more of their earnings.

Orr added that CFI's high-productivity performance also was supporting additional earnings opportunity for drivers. "We are doing an excellent job of getting our drivers quality miles, turning them quickly from one load to the next, maximizing fuel and route efficiency, and improving revenue per truck," he said.

"That's a testament to the skill and professionalism of our drivers and the operations team that supports them. And, it also means that our drivers are capturing up to 200 more miles a week, which equates to some 10,000 miles a year in extra productivity-based miles earned."

Other amenities available to CFI experienced drivers include competitive health benefits, a 401(k)-retirement plan with company match, a pet-companion policy, free passenger passes, paid parking, a destination ownership program, a referral program, reimbursement for showers and rewards for safety performance.

The company also provides tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance for new drivers learning the trade, and operates a driver-finishing program for those entering the business with minimal driving experience.

CFI also actively recruits U.S. military veterans, enrolling them in specialized veteran-focused driver orientation and training.

With modern equipment, CFI operates one of the industry's youngest fleets, posting an average tractor age of just under two years. CFI is continuing to refresh its fleet with 600 new Kenworth T-680 over-the-road tractors in the company's signature "Viper Red" color.

All these programs and investments, supported by a family-friendly culture, reinforce CFI's goal to be the driver-preferred truckload carrier in the industry.

"Professional truckload drivers provide an invaluable service that underpins the growth and prosperity of our economy," Orr said. "We recognize this and focus on helping our drivers enjoy a compensation package that's among the industry's best, and a work environment that supports the best possible quality of life for drivers and their families."

CFI is known for driver loyalty with over 600 current drivers past the one million mile mark.

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CFI is a leading provider of time-definite 53-foot dry-van truckload transportation services in North America. Headquartered in Joplin, Missouri, CFI has a fleet of 1,897 company tractors and 7,365 trailers in addition to an independent contractor fleet. CFI provides solo, team and dedicated trucking operations with consistent quality service.

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