April 5, 2017

Plastic box latch lets companies reuse corrugated cartons

By DC Velocity Staff

Drop that tape gun! A new Wisconsin-based company, Box Latch, has introduced a reusable plastic latch that can either be popped or slid onto the two top flaps of a corrugated box to keep it closed.

The Box Latch is designed for closed-loop operations, where a box is typically sealed with tape, staples, or a band, and sent from one place to another—either internally or externally. Ordinarily in these situations, a corrugated box is only used once because once the tape is removed, the box often tears or degrades in quality. The Box Latch allows the box to be sealed, opened, and reused. (See video below.)

With the development of the Box Latch, company founder Jack Wilson hopes to encourage companies to reuse boxes and reduce the amount of corrugated being sent to landfills or recycling centers. According to Wilson, 90 percent of all boxes are only used once. Reusing corrugated boxes can lead to substantial savings, according to Lisa Geason-Bauer, chief communications and sustainability officer. She says that reusing 100,000 boxes 10 times would create a savings of $90,000 in corrugated and tape costs.

There are currently three sizes of Box Latches available, costing between $1 and $4 each.

For more information, see the Box Latch website.

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