April 5, 2017

MHI’s career and education program honors Frazier Industrial

By DC Velocity Staff

To honor Frazier Industrial Co. for its continued contributions to the MHI Career & Technical Education (CTE) program, Patrick Davison, director of education and standards, presented Domenick Iellimo, Frazier's executive vice president, with a plaque in front of several dozen students attending ProMat as part of Student Days. MHI hosts students and faculty members from universities, high schools, community colleges, and technical schools for three days to give them firsthand experience on equipment and technologies involved in the industry. "We give the students a sense of what life will be like after they get out of school," explained Davison.

For more information about MHI's Career & Technical Education program, visit MHI at www.mhi.org/cte.

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