April 4, 2017

Tecsys announces Kanban inventory replenishment system, launches ProCheck consulting service

By DC Velocity Staff

Supply chain management software vendor Tecsys Inc. announced a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based Kanban inventory replenishment system that addresses the just-in-time needs of supply chains at point-of-use inventory settings. Under the system, users divide inventory into two compartments of a storage module on the Kanban shelf, instructing the last person to pick a product from the first compartment to transfer the product's identification RFID tag to Tecsys's nearby "smartpanel." Placing the tag on the smartpanel triggers an automated replenishment request before critical supply levels are reached, helping to automate replenishment based on real-time consumption, the company said.

Tecsys also announced a consulting service called ProCheck that will include a strategic performance and optimization service offering to help distribution organizations attain the highest returns on their supply chain operations while meeting their business objectives.

For more information, see the Tecsys website.

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