April 4, 2017

Seizmic24 provides quick turnaround for preliminary seismic engineering designs for racks

By DC Velocity Staff

Seizmic Inc., a provider of engineering, permit management, and custom fabrication, is now offering a 24-hour turnaround time for preliminary seismic designs for many types racks.

Under this Seizmic24 initiative, rack manufacturers, systems integrators, and distributors can submit their project specs online and, as long as the form is complete with all the needed information, Seizmic's engineers will have the final calculations back to them by the next day. The current average turnaround time for the industry is three to seven days, according to Seizmic.

"Often, the delay in producing a quote is due to the seismic design, because many companies do not have the engineering staff on hand to handle such requirements," said Sal Fateen, founder and CEO of Seizmic. "With this program, Seizmic offers prelims in 24 hours for many types of rack systems, which is a game changer for many companies out there wanting to push forward on a project that would normally move much slower."

Seizmic24 offers prelims for the following types of storage rack systems: standard selective rack, pushback, pallet flow, carton flow, and tunnel bays. For more difficult rack systems like drive-in and cantilever, it could take approximately one week. Quotes for platforms, pick modules, and rack-supported buildings could take up to two weeks.

For more information, see Seizmic's website.

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