April 4, 2017

Ehrhardt + Partner unveils WMS and voice systems

By DC Velocity Staff

Ehrhardt + Partner's LFS warehouse management system (WMS) is well known in Europe. In fact, the company is the second largest European supplier of WMS systems. It is now bringing that well-established technology to the North American market. It is also combining the LFS WMS with the Lydia voice system, which the company acquired when it purchased Top-Vox Systems last year. Ehrhardt + Partner is looking at innovative ways to achieve collaboration between the systems.

At ProMat this year, Ehrhardt + Partner is displaying a new vest system for Lydia voice. While voice has always been marketed as a hands-free, eyes-free technology, it now is "heads-free" with this vest. Workers often tire of wearing a headset. Now, they can instead wear this comfortable vest that incorporates speakers and a microphone. Workers hear their instructions through the speakers and interact with the system using the microphone.

For more information, see Ehrhardt + Partner's website.

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