April 11, 2018

CHEP's half pallet fills gap in the pallet-pooling market

By DC Velocity Staff

Pallet pooler CHEP was displaying its half pallet this week at the Modex 2018 show. The 40- by 24-inch pallet is especially popular for use in stores, according to Vishal Patell, vice president of retail supply chain solutions for the company. The half pallet can be used for in-store displays. In addition, it is designed so that the bottom shelf in a section of the aisle can be removed and the pallet used in its place, reducing the labor required for stocking shelves and possible product damage.

According to Patell, the half pallet is also carbon neutral, with offsets purchased to benefit the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation Project.

For more information, visit www.chep.com.

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