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Transportation November 9, 2017

BlueParrott Updates Their Popular B250-XT Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott, a leader in wireless headset technology, today introduced an updated version of their B250-XT Bluetooth™ headset. Now available with USB charging, the B250-XT is even easier and more convenient to use.

"The time had come to replace the old, proprietary charging setup with industry-standard USB," said David Jaques, director of product management. "Customers were asking for it, for good reason. Standardization benefits everyone, and minimizes the hassle and confusion of multiple chargers for different devices."

The B250-XT has been "the trucker's favorite" since it was first introduced—particularly be-cause of its advanced noise canceling, which utilizes the company's Xtreme Noise Suppres-sion™ technology to knock out 85% of ambient noise from users' conversations. Combined with the B250-XT's wide range of volume adjustments, this ensures every word gets heard, on both sides of the call.

Customers also enjoy an extended 66-foot wireless range, and more than 16 hours of talk time on a single charge. Plus the lightweight comfort that lets users wear the B250-XT all day long. In fact, all of the original B250-XT's many benefits remain intact in the USB-upgraded version:
• Strong 85% noise cancellation feature
• A 66-foot wireless range
• 16+ hours of talk time per charge
• The privacy of 128-bit encryption
• The ease and convenience of USB charging

"The USB update of the B250-XT is the latest in a long line of customer-centric improvements we've made to the BlueParrott line," continued Jaques. "We thank our loyal BlueParrott users for their continued support and input, helping to keep BlueParrott #1 in the marketplace."

THE B250-XT ($99.99) will be available now and can be purchased in select North American travel centers and online at

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