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Software & Systems September 7, 2016

Online LTL Freight Exchange FreightorGator Delivers Dynamic Prices Directly to Customers

Today, the Kansas City-based online less-than-truckload (LTL) freight exchange, FreightorGator delivers its dynamic freight rates directly to FreightorGator's customers. The unprecedented move is symbolic of Freightorgator's mission to better serve shippers by applying modern technology.

"We couldn't be more excited to introduce dynamic freight prices to the industry, and expose these killer rates to our customers," said Augie Grasis, founder and CEO of FreightorGator. "FreightorGator is taking the first step to more effectively extend the best prices based on supply and demand to shippers."

Through FreightorGator's one-stop-shop online freight booking service, exclusive dynamic freight rates are delivered directly to FreightorGator's spot LTL shippers to compare and book in real time. Instead of receiving blanket prices that are only updated periodically, dynamic prices save shippers money because prices are adjusted daily to fill trucks and meet demand. Just as real-time dynamic pricing has transformed other industries in the past, this effort is indicative of a movement for the logistics industry to implement more sophisticated pricing systems to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

In its first implementation of dynamic pricing, FreightorGator is extending dynamic rates from YRC, which has been leading the charge in implementing a dynamic pricing system.

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