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Material Handling May 3, 2019

New Product: CarryMax® Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional Trailer

EAST PEORIA, ILLINOIS, May 3, 2019 — Jtec Industries, Inc. has developed a new Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional Trailer within its CarryMax® product line. This trailer is capable of carrying up to 5,000 lbs of materials with its two-rigid and two-swivel wheel design, allowing it to immediately be reconfigured with one turn of an ergonomic handle resulting with one rigid wheel and three swivel wheels so it can be pushed multiple directions (including perpendicularly) when it reaches its towing destination.

As far as we know, this versatile trailer is a first-of-its-kind, with no other industrial trailer on the market able to be safely towed with two rigid rear wheels that are able to be unlocked and switch orientation to allow the trailer to be pushed in opposite directions immediately. This innovative product maximizes line space and adds flexibility to trailer control while being pushed or towed in different directions, dramatically changing route delivery safety practices. This is a substantial improvement, including ergonomic and safety considerations, to existing devises used in many industries.

While there are many 4-wheel swivel caster carts and trailers on the market, they do not compare to the CarryMax® Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional Trailer because of lack of towing capability. Without CarryMax's Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional Steering Control System, trailers are too uncontrollable to tow safely and efficiently. This trailer application is currently being use in massive warehouses and manufacturing facilities needing optimum versatility with its material handling trailers.

To find out more about the CarryMax® Heavy-Duty Bi-Directional trailer and other materials movement solutions, contact the Jtec sales team directly at or call (309) 698-9301.

About Jtec Industries, Inc: Jtec Industries, founded in 2005, is a vertically-integrated OEM in Central Illinois which designs and manufactures specialized industrial cart systems to move materials throughout facilities world-wide. Jtec's award-winning solutions, including the CarryMore® Tugger Cart System and CarryMatic® No-Touch Materials Movement System, improve safety and efficiencies and lower operational costs for materials handling operations.

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