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Industry Organizations December 19, 2018

Honeywell Dolphin 7800 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin 7800 mobile computer, featuring high-resolution, daylight-visible and multi-angle viewing angles, greatly increases productivity and ensures easy access to data in virtually any lighting condition. A variety of keyboard options enable companies to choose the most appropriate keyboard layout based on the needs of mobile workers. The industry-leading Adaptus 6.0 imaging technology enables fast reading of 1D and 2D barcodes in different lighting conditions, while the built-in color camera makes image and video capture easier. Honeywell Dolphin 7800 mobile computer also features the latest wireless communication technology, including software-defined radio switching options, which enable high-speed switching between GSM and CDMA networks.

For mobile workers who need to do multiple jobs in a limited amount of time, Honeywell Dolphin 7800 Enterprise-Specific Digital Assistant (EDA) provides multi-purpose computing, communications and data acquisition at the speed of the desktop. Workers can do all the tasks, no matter where they are.

Mobile workers need equipment that is compact, lightweight, and highly durable and practical. With a magnesium-magnesium die-cast base and an engineering plastic body, Dolphin 7800 can withstand the challenges of use in harsh environments and does not require the bigger size as other industrial-grade mobile data terminals.

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