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November 7, 2016

A. Duie Pyle Expands Protect From Freeze Service, Prepares for Winter

Northeast carrier now has the largest fleet of heated and insulated trailers in the region

A. Duie Pyle (Pyle) announces the expansion of its Protect From Freeze (PFF) service for the 2016/2017 winter season. Pyle's PFF less-than-truckload service enables customers to ship water-based products with full protection from freezing temperatures. During the year Pyle added 40 new heated and insulated trailers to its fleet, making Pyle's PFF fleet of 500 heated/insulated trailers the largest in the Northeast.
All of the company's service centers are also heated with on-site snow removal and emergency power sources, which provides 24/7 protection during inclement winter weather. These initiatives and investments are supported by temperature sensitive load planning and routing technology so PFF deliveries are prioritized.
"Many carriers opt to implement moratoriums during cold snaps and over weekends, causing uncertainties and delays for customers," said Randy Swart, COO at Pyle. "Pyle's Protect From Freezing service is unique. We have worked hard to make sure our service is available to all of our customers without interruption, regardless of temperature or day of the week."

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