April 11, 2018

Seegrid highlights its self-driving vehicles' robustness, connectivity

By DC Velocity Staff

Questions and concerns may remain about self-driving over-the-road vehicles, but when it comes to Seegrid Corp.'s vision-guided vehicles, which are used inside the four walls of a DC, the technology is "rock solid," said Jeff Christensen, vice president of product.

Today at Modex 2018, Seegrid was celebrating a milestone: its self-driving vehicles have reached 1 million miles driven at customer sites without a single personnel safety incident. That's the equivalent of 40 trips around the globe. This means that even companies with a more risk-averse management style can feel comfortable incorporating the automation into their operations, Christensen said.

Seegrid's vision-guided vehicles do not require any additional infrastructure, such as wires or tape, and utilize cameras, instead of lasers, to sense the surrounding environment.

Convinced of the robustness of its own technology, Seegrid has turned its sights to improving its connectivity to the rest of the warehouse. This week, it has launched an update to its Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software that improves integration with bar-code scanners and other software and systems in the distribution and manufacturing environment.

For more information, visit seegrid.com.

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