February 8, 2012

SDI unveils Sortrak tray sorting solution

By DC Velocity Staff

SDI Group USA, a Los Angeles-based design, engineering, and consultation firm, introduced a new sorting system at the Material Handling Industry of America's MODEX 2012 tradeshow. The Sortrak sorter can be designed to travel on an extremely flexible route throughout a facility. Its path can incline, decline, serpentine, and move between levels easily. Multiple induction stations can also be created into the design, with induction occurring on one level and discharge on others, as desired.

Sortrak has two trays positioned across the face of the sorter. Separate products can be placed onto the trays or one item can straddle both trays. Motors arrayed along the edge of the sorter spin wheels that propel the trays. The trays themselves require no motors. Discharge is accomplished in bomb-bay-door fashion, with the tray swinging out to allow the product to drop into order bins below. The unit can attain sorting speeds of 14,400 trays per hour and is suited for apparel, books, parcels, DVDs, and more.

Sortrak can be implemented into existing distribution centers (DCs), with the design created around the existing footprint and facility parameters. Because the Sortrak is very energy efficient, it can help DCs reduce their energy costs and produce a fast return on investment. It runs very quietly at less than 65 decibels.

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