Software & Systems June 1, 2006

TradeSphere software upgrades

JPMorgan Chase Vastera has upgraded its suite of Web-based software solutions for global trade management. TradeSphere Exporter 8.1, TradeSphere Importer 3.5, and TradeSphere Restricted Party Screening 2.4 offer enhanced trade functionality for exporters and importers who want to cut down on the time and costs associated with the cross-border movement of goods.

The latest version of TradeSphere Exporter 8.1, TradeSphere's export management module, delivers enhanced export management and compliance capabilities. This all-Java version includes significant enhancements in the areas of restricted party screening, export determination and resolution, invoice consolidation, license management and content logging. Country support has also been enhanced for China, India and Singapore.

TradeSphere Importer 3.5 provides a framework to monitor, manage and audit all phases of the U.S. importing process. This release of TradeSphere's import management module provides entry management capabilities to an importer before, during and after the filing process. Importer 3.5 allows the user to manage purchase orders, commercial invoices and broker entries through a single module.

TradeSphere Restricted Party Screening 2.4 helps companies protect their trade interests by providing screening technology and multilist management to help prevent illegal domestic and international transactions. Automation of restricted party screening facilitates compliance with government regulations and eliminates risk of transacting with denied parties, which can result in financial penalties, imprisonment, and in some cases, loss of a company's export privilege.

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