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Global Logistics September 13, 2017

Roadrunner Transportation Systems Invests in New Learning Management System

DOWNERS GROVE, IL—September 12, 2017— Roadrunner Transportation Systems ("Roadrunner") (NYSE: RRTS) announced today the implementation of a new Learning Management System (LMS), Infiniti-I, to provide employees with an online platform that enables continuous education and development. The investment in the LMS will support a renewed focus on improved service internally and externally, especially with drivers and customers.
"This LMS will provide our employees with the tools and resources to refine job skills and expedite career growth. Consistent training modules across our organization will also help us emphasize best practices and build a driver-centric culture," said Curt Stoelting, Chief Executive Officer of Roadrunner. "Our new leadership team understands how important it is for our company culture to empower individuals to excel every day, supporting the important work they do on behalf of customers, suppliers and drivers."
The Infiniti-I LMS will help facilitate training, set goals and track individual progress to increase job precision, leading to increased job satisfaction and performance.
"Our new LMS contains significant materials that will enable our team to improve and succeed. This system unifies two key areas of focus for Roadrunner - improving how we communicate with and build partnerships with drivers as well as continuing our work to vastly improve how we leverage technology throughout our business,"said Michael Gettle, Roadrunner's President.

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