Ergonomic Equipment August 10, 2011

Beckson Manufacturing's Safety Utility Hook

The Safety Utility Hook from Beckson Manufacturing makes moving heavy objects easier in warehouses, post offices and mailrooms. This simple, inexpensive device helps employees get a firm hold on hard-to-reach objects and can prevent back injuries caused unsafe dragging or reaching.

The lightweight 3-foot and 4-foot models are designed for long-life vehicle (LLV) applications, such as pushing and pulling trays and bins. Longer hooks, including 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-foot versions, are best for warehouse applications when an even more extended reach is needed. The utility hook helps workers avoid bending over and using step stools or ladders to gain access to objects in hard-to-reach places, such as high shelves.

The aluminum tubing is sheathed in high-strength, non-conductive plastic for safety. The tool has a comfortable, ergonomic finger grip. The sturdy hook gets a firm hold on the object. Custom lengths are also available.

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