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Your source for exclusive reports on industry conferences, interviews with prominent logistics professionals, and (coming soon) newscasts from the DC Velocity editorial team.
The Path to Innovation

The Path to Innovation

Jim Rice, Deputy Director, Supply Chain Exchange, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, discusses the different types of innovation and how companies need to understand which path they should follow.

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Channel 2: Velocity Video Case Studies

Watch our popular DC Velocity Video Speed Challenges as well as case studies offering tips on how you can improve your logistics operations.
A perfect fit

A perfect fit

An automated storage and picking system delivers the goods at BHFO, eBay's top fashion e-tailer.

Sponsored by OPEX

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Channel 3: Videocasts

Attend an informative seminar or roundtable discussion right from your desk.
Omnichannel fulfillment: What it takes to be a top performer

Omnichannel fulfillment: What it takes to be a top performer

How far have retailers progressed down the omnichannel road? How are they responding to the new demands of an "anything, anytime, anywhere" retail environment? And what tools and technologies are they using to manage their operations? Our second annual omnichannel fulfillment and distribution survey, conducted with ARC Advisory Group, answered all these questions and more. In this webcast, researchers Clint Reiser and Chris Cunnane of ARC Advisory Group will join DCV Editorial Director Peter Bradley to discuss the findings of this timely and important study of DC operations that support omnichannel initiatives.

Sponsored by HighJump Software and Saddle Creek Logistics Services

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Channel 4: Viewer Contributed Video

Targeted, informative, and sometimes even humorous videos uploaded by viewers just like you.
Put To Light Animation

Put To Light Animation

This Put To Light Animation shows you how an integrated Put To Light system operates using a pre-dispatch, end-dispatch and loading area to track and trace your product, minimize incorrect deliveries and improve your warehouse efficiency.

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Channel 5: Products and Services Profiles

Check out the products and services offered by a host of logistics vendors, all produced exclusively by the DCV-TV video team.
ProMat 2011: From the Show Floor - Dematic

ProMat 2011: From the Show Floor - Dematic

Dematic's new products include RapidPick, a goods-to-person system, LaserTrucks+, a pallet truck solution that operates on voice commands, and a web-based app providing information on Dematic products and their performance within your operations.

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