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Calculating the True Cost of a Mispick Calculating the True Cost of a Mispick

Picking involves much more than grabbing an item off a static storage rack or shelf. In the typical manual distribution center, picking means an operator receives a paper list of instructions about what to pick and where, travels to the correct storage location, locates the correct item within the storage location, refers to the paper pick list to determine the number of items required from that pick face, picks the items, confirms the pick by marking the paper, then delivers the items for packing.

While most operations understand mistakes will happen, very few have taken the time to calculate the true cost of those mispicks, and how they impact the bottom line. This white paper outlines a calculation for estimating the true cost of mispicks in order fulfillment to an operation. It also presents technology solutions to improve pick accuracy, and shares a calculation for determining the savings they can deliver.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: December 2017
Kardex Remstar
Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success Positioning Your Order Picking Team For Success

When it comes to warehouse and distribution employees, more organizations are deploying ergonomically designed automation systems. These ergonomic solutions help workers complete picking and order fulfillment tasks while simultaneously eliminating the risk of injury. In addition to enhancing safety, the devices can boost productivity and reduce a variety of costs – positioning both workers and companies for operational success.

This white paper reviews the costs of injuries associated with overexertion, and explores three ways automated storage systems improve worker ergonomics and productivity. It also shares an overview of two different operations that implemented such a system and their results.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: September 2016
Kardex Remstar
Connecting Islands of Automation Connecting Islands of Automation

Through customer examples, this white paper will examine how AS/RS solutions function within a connected fulfillment process. More specifically, learn how solutions enable:

  • Rapid processing and picking of next-day shipments, while still being able to closely monitor and add to shipments while they are in progress.
  • Coordinating picking with host WMS or ERP systems so that picking from AS/RS can be consolidated with manually picked items from other zones.
  • Integration with order requirements from host ERP or WMS systems to support batch or zone picking.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: April 2016
Kardex Remstar
Optimizing E-commerce Returns With Automated Storage Systems Optimizing E-commerce Returns With Automated Storage Systems

Shopping online has been embraced in a big way. Actually, "big" might be considered an understatement. Yet with all those parcels arriving in the mailbox or on the doorstep of consumers, there are bound to be some returns. After all, unless a shopper is buying an item already seen in person elsewhere, e-commerce purchases are highly dependent on images and text that describes a product – whether generated by the online merchant or reviewers who have experienced it.

This white paper examines how the deployment of affordable, flexible automated storage and retrieval systems can simplify reverse logistics processing. Through the implementation of such a system, returns can be handled as another form of inbound shipping through efficient routing and restocking items to minimize inventory costs, labor requirements and space demands.

Presented by: Kardex Remstar
Date: February 2016
Kardex Remstar